According To NASA, sound of AUM is Audible From The Sun?? No, this is Fake News

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On 4th January 2020, a tweet was made by LG and former IPS officer Kiran Bedi of Puducherry in the morning, which contained a video. According to the video, ‘NASA has recorded the sound of the sun and NASA has received a reverberation of “OM” from the sun. Her tweet received thousands of responses and re-tweets within a few hours.

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After this, her claim is being shared with different claims on social forums, in which major claims are being made that-

“The sound emanating from the Sun is recorded by NASA (NASA). It is also being said that when its frequency was increased and heard, it was found to be the sound of ‘AUM’. In the video we can hear the chanting of ॐ -AUM”

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This is untrue as no such evidence has been given by NASA, let us know the truth behind these claims.

In the beginning the investigation, we found a viral video on Google through keywords like “NASA report sun sound”. As a result we found  a video broadcasted by NASA’s official YouTube account on 26th July 2018, captioned as “The sound of the sun, NASA (Raw Audio)”. In this video we could listen to sound of low frequency. In this video, the echoes of OM could not be heard anywhere.

In addition to this, the video available on NASA’s official channel on YouTube shows NASA’s Heliophysics Alex Young, explaining how the sound is related to the sun and all other stars. He told us that this audio has the vibrations of the sun and this acoustic frequency is very low. This video has also been uploaded by NASA Goddard.

According to a report released by NASA published on 25th July 2018, a group of scientists from NASA and ESA (The European Space Agency) studied the Sun for 20 years and documented the sounds and movements of the Sun. The report also claimed that the sun produces a low, pulsating sound that can be heard like a “heartbeat”. To create audio clips by Stanford University Researcher Michael, of the S.O.H.O processed 40 days of data from Sun Doppler Imager (MDI). He has also released this report through a tweet.

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Apart from this, we searched for the viral video using words like YouTube “Om Chanting” and found that the audio of the video used in the claim was uploaded by Mind Magic channel on YouTube on June 20th 2017. According to the universal mantra AUM’s description, it removes that nervousness, negativity and fear. The video has no connection with the above claim of the resonance emanating from the sun.

Below you can see the similarity of the audio heard in the viral video and the original audio of the meditation mantra available on YouTube. From this video, it is clear that NASA has not broadcast the audio of the viral “Om” mantra on social media; rather it is only a meditation mantra available on Youtube since 2017.

Conclusion: After checking the facts, we have found the above post to be incorrect. The resonance of ‘AUM’ is not audible from the actual recording of NASA’s Sun. Viral audio on Social Media is the mantra used for meditation. 


Title:According To NASA, sound of AUM is Audible From The Sun?? No, this is Fake News

Fact Check By: Ruchika M 

Result: False