This image of an ancient chariot is not from the Sanauli excavations

A collage of three images of what looks like helmets, implements and a chariot with the remains of a few animals around it is going viral on social media with a claim that these are images of remains of a 4000 year old chariot in Uttar Pradesh, India. Most of the posts are captioned as: […]

No, the viral video is not of a Pak MP dancing to Bollywood Number ‘tip tip barsa paani’…

Video is of a Lahore based choreographer named Shoaib Shakoor dancing on a Bollywood song. The video does not show a Pakistani Member of Parliament. A video showing a man dancing at a wedding to the Bollywood song “Tip Tip barsa Paani” is being widely circulated on social media. Several media organizations such as ANI, […]

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