Don’t Fall For Viral Volkswagen Suicide Bomber Video Ad; It’s just a spoof!

A viral video, seemingly an advertisement for a Volkswagen car, is doing rounds on social media. A rather unusual video shows a suicide bomber driving a VW Polo to a restaurant.  He then detonates the bomb but the blast is contained within the car without blowing itself, saving the lives outside. Believing it to be […]

FACT CHECK: Viral Rumors Claiming Pakistan’s ‘Chacha Cricket’ is Dead Are Fake…

A Facebook post doing the rounds in Assam states that Veteran Pakistan Cricket Fan Chaudhry Abdul Jalil, known to cricket enthusiasts across the world as Chacha Cricket has passed away recently.  Jalil is known for his presence in every Pakistani cricket match in his signature green outfit, complete with a green hat embellished with the […]

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