Actor Tiku Talsania has not converted to Islam; here is the truth of the viral Images and Videos…

False Social

The images and video of Tiku Talsania’s character from an upcoming drama series shared with a false claim.

An image of popular Bollywood actor and comedian Tiku Talsania is widely circulating on social media with a claim that the actor has converted to Islam. Images and videos of Tiku with a long white beard is also circulating as an evidence of his conversion. Users are equating his long beard as a sign that he has converted to Islam. 

The caption of the post states, ‘Famous Indian comedian Tiku Talsania has entered the realm of Islam. May Allah keep him steadfast.’

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Fact Check- 

We started our investigation by searching through Tiku Talsania’s social media handles as well as her daughter Shikha Talsania’s profile for any relevant announcement regarding his conversion. However, we could not find any relevant posts or announcement that stated that Tiku Talsania has converted to Islam. Further, we could not find any news report published by any media organization corroborating the same.

Next, we found a reel posted by actor Krishna Mukherjee on her Instagram account recently showing Tiku Talsania without a beard. We can see Talsania performing an act with Krishna Mukherjee with a fully clean-shaven face.

We found a recent interview by the ‘Shemaroo’ entertainment channel where we can see Tiku Talsania is clean shaved with only a moustache. This interview was conducted in January 2022.

According to few YouTube channels the viral video and image shows Tiku Talsania’s look from an upcoming drama series or a film. You can view them here and here.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral post to be False. Tiku Talsania has not converted into Islam. The images going viral shows an upcoming character he is going to play in a drama series.

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Title:Actor Tiku Talsania has not converted to Islam; here is the truth of the viral Images and Videos…

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: False