FACT CHECK: The Viral Video of a Woman Getting Sexually Assaulted Is Not Related to The Suicide Case of Naga Girl in Jodhpur (WARNING: Physical torture)

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A video going viral across social media platforms has led to an outrage amongst netizens. The video showing sexual assault on a woman by a group of men and another woman shook the northeast on May 26, 2021, the day it went viral. A lot of social media users claimed that the victim is from Northeast, specifically Nagaland, saying that the woman is the same who had committed suicide at Jodhpur recently. Some have been sharing screenshots, appealing the authorities to apprehend the culprits who, they allege, are responsible for the death of the Naga woman who died by suicide at Jodhpur.

Original Link- Facebook | Archived link

Original Link- Facebook | Archived Link

The police forces of several Indian states swung into action to identify and locate the alleged culprits as soon as it was brought to their notice, with fruitful results within hours.

Fact Crescendo found that the claim is False. The victim does not hail from the Northeast.

Fact Check Methodology

At first we came across an appeal made by Assam Police on Twitter on May 27, 2021. They have mentioned in the thread that the incident or the people in the video may not be from Assam and hence they reached out to Police Forces from other states to investigate as well.

Following this, we came across a post by Union minister Kiren Rijiju on the viral video in which he stated that the video is not related to the Jodhpur suicide case.

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We also came across a clarification by Advocate Jyoti Zongluju, on behalf of The Helping Hands Society, stating that the video and the Jodhpur incident are different and requesting the public not to mix up the two. 

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Following this, we ran a Google search and saw the following news report published in the Hindustan Times on May 28, 2021, that states five people were arrested for allegedly raping a woman, torturing her and recording the assault by Bengaluru police. 

Screenshot, Hindustan Times report

Original Link- Hindustan Times 

“As per the information revealed so far, all of them are part of the same group and believed to be from Bangladesh. Due to financial disputes, the culprits brutalized the victim, who is also said to be a Bangladeshi, brought to India for human trafficking. The investigation is being carried out in full earnestness under the close supervision of senior officers,” Kamal Pant, Bengaluru police commissioner, said, as per the news report.

We also came across a Twitter Thread by the Commissioner of Bengaluru Police, Kamal Pant that has details on the case and the investigations.


The claim that the victim in the video of alleged rape and torture is from Northeast is False. The victim isn’t the same woman who had died by suicide at Jodhpur, contrary to the claims made by multiple social media posts.


Title:The Viral Video of a Woman Getting Sexually Assaulted Is Not Related to The Suicide Case of Naga Girl in Jodhpur

Fact Check By: Manjori Borkotoky 

Result: False