Is Amit Shah speaking against the guarantees promised by PM Modi? Know the truth. 

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A video of Union and Home Minister Amit Shah is going viral on social media. Amit Shah can be heard saying, “That’s why I am saying there is no meaning of all these guarantees. They talk about this till election and then forget about it

Users are sharing this video as if Amit Shah was saying that PM Modi’s guarantees are just for election purposes and he will later forget all the promises he had made.

However, Fact Crescendo found the claim to be misleading. Amit Shah was not talking about PM Modi’s guarantees and promises. He was accusing Rahul Gandhi and Congress. 

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It is very unlikely that a minister like Amit Shah, who plays a key role in the BJP and 2024 general elections will speak against his leader and party. 

A relevant keyword search led us to an interview of Amit Shah on Zee News on 15 May 2024. In this interview he raised questions on the failure of UPA government and their laid-back attitudes towards threat from Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir issue including Article 370. He also accused Congress and INDI Alliance for not participating in Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya fearing the loss of minority votes. 

The viral clip can be seen at 24.40 minutes. Amit Shah was questioned why he categorized guarantees of Congress as Chinese Guarantees. He can be heard saying, “I just said Chinese guarantee metaphorically. I went to Telangana recently. There women are waiting when they will get 12000 rupees, farmers are still waiting for 2 lakhs rupees loan waive, female students are looking forward to get scooties which Rahul Gandhi had promised. These were his guarantees. Now they are searching for Rahul Gandhi. Whenever he was in the South we used to visit these people. That’s why I am saying these guarantees have no meaning and value. They say it till elections and then forget

Hence, it is clear that Amit Shah was not speaking against PM Modi or BJP. He was accusing Congress for their false promises and guarantees. 

Below you can see the comparison between the viral clip and the real video. 


Fact Crescendo found that the viral video was shared without proper context. In the real video, Amit Shah was not criticizing PM Modi or BJP. He was accusing Rahul Gandhi and Congress for false promises.


Title:Is Amit Shah speaking against the guarantees promised by PM Modi? Know the truth. 

Written By: Siddharth Sahu 

Result: Missing Context

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