Viral Video: Did public chant ‘Congress Zindabad’ during Amit Shah’s rally in Uttarakhand? Here is the truth… 

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Upon hearing the video carefully it is clear that the crowd actually raised “Congress Murdabad” slogans at Amit Shah’s rally and not “Zindabad”.

As UP elections are in progress, a video of Home Minister Amit Shah speaking at an election rally with the crowd shouting slogans is widely circulating on social media.Users claim that when Amit Shah said “Congress Party”, the crowd replied “Zindabad”. Users claim that the voters are choosing Congress over BJP by defiantly chanting Zindabad after Amit Shah says “Congress party”

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The video is widely circulated on Facebook with the same claim.


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Fact Check- 

We started our keyword search on YouTube led us to the original video on BJP’s official YouTube channel posted on 12 February 2022. Amit Shah who had addressed public meeting in Raipur, Uttarakhand. The video was streamed live on the YouTube channel.

We carefully heard the entire rally and we heard the viral part from 11:23- 11:31 minutes. Home Minister Amit Shah can be heard saying, “But friends, this Congress Party (crowd starts shouting Murdabad) can never develop the Devbhoomi.”

Below is a transcript of the speech that Amit Shah had given in Raipur.

“They (Congress) have not declared the name of the chief ministerial candidate and did not give him the ticket to contest from his place of choice. However, let it be! Since Rawat ji has a habit of losing. Congress knows this and they don’t have to practice anything new. But friends, this Congress party (pauses as public chant slogans) this Congress party will never develop the devbhoomi”

Upon hearing the video slowly, we found that the crowd raises slogan of “Murdabad” and not “Zindabad”. Thus the claim made along with the video is false even though the video is original.

In the longer video, it is very clear that Amit Shah is taking a dig at the Congress party because they have not declared the name of their chief ministerial candidate in Uttarakhand.


Fact Crescendo found the viral image on social media to be False. The viral video is original but the claim made about it is false. The crowd did not raise slogans of Congress Zindabad at Amit Shah’s rally in Uttarakhand. The crowd clearly raised slogans of Congress Murdabad that social media users shared claiming the crowd chanted Zindabad.

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Title:Viral Video: Did public chant ‘Congress Zindabad’ during Amit Shah’s rally in Uttarakhand? Here is the truth…

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: False