2-Year-Old video from Telangana Shared as Public Outrage against BJP 

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As the general elections approach us, the social media platforms buzz with political content. These content are being shared to campaign for political parties and target their rival parties. One such video that is being shared widely shows Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s campaign vehicle being attacked by a mob. 

Sharing this video on Twitter, a user has claimed that BJP has started to face the brunt of the voters. They allege that the BJP campaign vehicle and its workers were attacked by the public. This tweet was shared with the hashtag #NoVoteToBJP on Twitter.

Archived Tweet

However, when we verified the claim made in the tweet we found that the video is old and it is not linked to the upcoming elections or BJP’s present campaign. Let us find out the actual context of the video.

Fact Check

We did a Google reverse image search using the screenshots from the viral video. The results indicate that the video is from Telangana, and the incident occurred in 2022. During the Munugode bypolls in Telangana in November 2022, the workers of Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) and the workers of BJP clashed with each other while campaigning. It was during these clashes that BRS workers pelted stones and vandalized BJP’s campaign vehicle as seen in the viral video. This can be corroborated by the Facebook post given below.

Archived Link

In the post given above, we can see BRS workers clashing with BJP workers as Police tries to bring the situation under control. From 0.49 seconds onwards, as the BJP vehicle starts moving the BRS workers start to attack it. The BRS workers can be distinguished from their pink flags. They can be seen destroying speakers and tearing posters on the truck. 

As per news reports, the report took place in November 2022 at Palivela village near Munugode in Nalgonda district of Telangana. The incident took place on the last day of campaigning for Munugode bypolls. BJP M.L.A. Etela Rajendran’s vehicle was also damaged during this attack. You can click here to read more about these clashes.  


From the above investigation, it is evident that the viral video depicting the attack on the BJP campaign vehicle is old and unrelated to the upcoming general elections. The video originates from Telangana, where BJP and BRS workers clashed on the last day of campaigning for a bypoll in 2022.


Title:2-Year-Old video from Telangana Shared as Public Outrage against BJP

Written By: Harish Nair 

Result: Misleading

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