Conversion incident in Bangladesh shared as an incident in Rajasthan

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The image is from Narsingdi district in Bangladesh showing a family of five who converted to Islam from Hinduism. The image has no relation with Rajasthan.

An image showing a Muslim family sitting together is widely circulating on social media claiming that the image is from Rajasthan where a family of five Hindu members converted to Islam. We have fact checked many claims related to alleged conversion of Hindus to Islam and found many of them false. Thus, we felt the need of checking this post as well and it turned out that the claim made in this post is false as well. 

Post Description

The caption of the post mentions, “In Rajasthan today five Hindu people of the same family left Hinduism and adopted Islam religion but till now no one has congratulated! May Allah bless his family”

Facebook Post 

The image is also widely circulating on Facebook.

Fact Check-

We started our investigation by running a reverse image search on Google, whose results led us to the same image published by a Bangladeshi Facebook user named Hasan Aiob.

We also observed the same watermark on the left corner of the image, which stated “Samsung Quad camera Hasan Aiob Bichitra Bangla bb”

The caption along with the image states that the image is from Madhabadi, which is a municipality in Narsingdi district of Bangladesh. It says that a Hindu family of five members have converted to Islam. The post also attached a Youtube video link.

The caption of the Youtube video states “After listening to Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s Waz, five people converted to Islam. mizanur rahman azhari Narsingdi.” This video is a documentary of the family members who converted themselves to follow Islam. YouTube channel “Bichitra Bangla BB” shows the video footage of the family members describing how and why they wanted to convert into Muslims.

Upon a keyword search, we found a news report by a Bangladeshi newspaper named Narsingdi Times. According to the report, the family of five converted to Islam leaving Hinduism in Narsingdi district in Bangladesh. The image was taken during that time, while they waited for people’s reaction on their conversion.


Fact Crescendo found the viral image on social media to be Partly False. The image does not show a Rajasthani Hindu family who converted themselves to follow Islam. The image is from Narsingdi district in Bangladesh where a family converted to Islam.

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Title:Conversion incident in Bangladesh shared as an incident in Rajasthan

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: Partly False