Simulation video falsely shared as a real train system in Israel.

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The video is a simulated one used in video games. The video does not show a real train on the pyramid bridge in Israel.

Israel is popular for their technological prowess and over the years, many countries have tried to learn and emulate their advanced techniques in various fields.  A video of an ‘amazing example’ of engineering in Israel is going viral on social media. Some social media users have claimed that this type of ‘pyramid’ bridge has reduced the distance between the two cities (Urpara to Begun Zarara) and have shared the video of the train passing over the manor-like railway track. Many have shared this video expressing their awe at the engineering marvel created by Israel. The viral video has been shared over 85 thousand times.

The same video also found its way on WhatsApp and one of our readers of Fact Crescendo requested a fact check by sending this video to our WhatsApp Factline number (9049053770). 

Our investigation revealed that the video was not of a real train. This is just a video simulation.

The caption of the video mentions, “This railway track is in Israel which travels 1280 kilometers from Urpara to Begun Zarara with logistics, this train passes over 13 paramid bridges on the way.”

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Fact Check-

At one glance we can figure out that the video is not real. We can also see a floating text in the video that said Daffa Railfans ID. Keeping this in mind, we did a keyword search on Google with this name. The results showed that Daffa Railfans ID is the name of a YouTube channel. We found the viral video upload on this channel on 21 September 2021.

The caption of the video mentions, “Kereta Api Mendaki Piramid | Train Climbing Pyramid”

The description of the video states that the video is for entertainment purposes only and is only a part of the video game. Thus, the train in the viral video is not a real one.

There are many such videos of railways available on this channel.

We found that such videos of railways are created through a simulator called “Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019” on YouTube.


Fact Crescendo found that the claim made along with the viral video is False. The video does not show a real train in Israel. The video is merely a simulation created as a part of a video game that is falsely being shared as a train on the Pyramid track in Israel. 


Title:Simulation video falsely shared as a real train system in Israel.

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: False

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  1. Sorry for the false information but how can I know that what I am watching is false or true. Please reply and give solution to avoid such post

    1. You can send us any doubtful content on social media for verification on our WhatsApp Factline number- 9049053770, our Facebook page or on our Twitter account. We will verify the content for you

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