Video of a couple swimming inside a house full of water is from Prayagraj and it is an old video.

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Due to torrential rains in Delhi and its surrounding areas, many posts are going viral on social forums. One such post shows a video on how the homes of people have become swimming pools due to the negligence of the present Kejriwal government in Delhi. In the video, we can see a woman swimming by holding the railing of the stairs. This video is being shared by many people associated with politics, taking a dig at the Kejriwal government. Former Dwarka (Delhi) MLA Adarsh ​​Shastri (Congress) has shared this video saying, this is the current situation in Delhi, where the houses has become a swimming pools due to the rain waters. He has also tagged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in this tweet, where he has described this condition of Delhi as ‘Kejriwal government’s negligence’.

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In the beginning of the investigation, we took a look at the comments section in response to Adarsh ​​Shastri’s tweet. It was mentioned by many people that this video is from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. Henceforth, we did a keyword search on YouTube and as a result, found a video aired by a YouTube channel ‘inKhabar’ on 22nd September 2019. The title of this video reads, “A dip in the Ganges that came home, a husband and wife swimming in the Prayagraj flood, the video went viral.” Another clip shows the woman wearing a blue sari and holding her breath underwater.

This news was shared by many media organizations last year. According to the news published by Jansatta on 21st September 2019, a video of a couple taking a dip in Ganga-Jamuna water which entered their house in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, is becoming increasingly viral on social forums.  In this news, we can see the screenshot of the viral video. This news was also published by Punjab Kesari last year, which makes it clear that this video does not depict the current situation of Delhi. This incident is from Prayagraj.

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Conclusion: We found the above post wrong after checking the facts. The viral video on social media in which we can see a couple swimming at home is not from Delhi, but from Prayagraj. This is last year’s incident.


Title:Video of a couple swimming inside a house full of water is from Prayagraj and it is an old video.

Fact Check By: Vinod Rathi 

Result: False