Is the girl receiving the Corona vaccine the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin? Know the truth behind this picture!

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Recently, Russia has launched the world’s first vaccine for Covid-19. A picture has surfaced on various social forums, with a claim that the girl shown taking the vaccine is the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin an that she is the first person to be vaccinated for Covid-19 in the world.

The message in the viral message reads,

“Greetings! She is the daughter of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, yet she takes world’s first Covid-19 vaccine. Israel’s PM’s son is in the army, in the same way Russian President first took the valor of experimenting the vaccine on his daughter, the country is on the top by such bravery and sacrifice, and this is what makes it popular! No such leader comes forward in India who takes such courage and sets an example. This is the quality of the leadership of the Supreme Court and this sacrifice and dedication also makes the country great! “

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This picture has been shared extensively on social media with the viral claim. We would like to brief you that many similar videos are being spread on the social forums, in which the girl seen in the viral picture is being given a vaccine.

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We first searched this image through Google Reverse Image Search, as a result, we found a video posted on Twitter.  A Twitter user named Nadejda Sorokina tweeted the video and wrote in the title in Russian-language “In the second group of volunteers at Burdenko Hospital, 20 participants were injected with another component of the coronovirus vaccine. Now they are feeling good.

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After this, we tried to find more information about this initiative through keyword search, and that’s when we found many Russian News Articles on the internet mentioning “There were 20 participants in the experiment for a vaccine against the coronovirus infection (COVID19) at the branch of the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital, in Moscow, Russia’s capital. These tests were conducted by the National Research Center, Gamaleya and the Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that the second component of the vaccine was administered”. A viral video has also been incorporated in the news article where a volunteer can be seen being injected by a doctor. 

We used to discover the truth behind viral videos and photos, and searched for related information on these websites and RT,  where it was mentioned that this girl has volunteered to take the vaccine.

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You can also watch this video on a YouTube channel called Sputnik in Russia.

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On searching more keywords, we learnt that the name of the volunteer shown in the video and viral picture on Tvzvezda website is Natalia.

Natalia M Karoff is a cadet of a military medical academy. Let us inform you that the name of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughter is Maria Vorontsova, also known as Maria Faassen. She is a Russian paediatric endocrinologist. She is the eldest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. His younger daughter named Yekaterina Putin and she is a dancer by profession.

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Below is a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughters. You can compare the girl seen in the viral video and picture is of his daughters. The girl in viral video is not the daughter of President Putin.

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Conclusion: After fact-checking, we found the above claim to be incorrect. The viral picture and video belongs to a Russian volunteer named Natalia, she was one of the  volunteer’s during the testing of the Russian-made Covid-19 vaccine.


Title:Is the girl receiving the Corona vaccine the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin? Know the truth behind this picture!

Fact Check By: Ruchika M 

Result: False