On 22nd July 2019, a Facebook user named Mohd Shameem Manihar shared a video with a claim that “in Modi’s Gujarat the terror of saffron terrorists. The incident took place at Ajwa crossroad Vadodara at around 3:00pn in the afternoon. A Muslim man was tied with ropes and beaten brutally by saffron terrorist. In this incident, bunch of people are beating a man who is strangled with ropes. This video is being spread on social media with a claim that this incident happened on 21st July 2019 in Gujarat and it is being linked to mob lynching. This post received around 500 reactions till the time facts were checked. 

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In the beginning of our investigation we broke up the video into multiple key frames with the help of Invid tool. Then we performed a Google reverse image search the result revealed a news article published by Aaj Tak. According to news published by Aaj Tak on 4th August 2017, a teenage boy in Sikri, Bharatpur district in Rajasthan, was beaten up by a group of people over suspicion of his involvement in braid-chopping incidents. The name of the victim is Mukim. He is mentally challenged and resides in Kinkgala district.  During the incident, Mukim was loitering around in a nearby village where he was beaten up brutally. The Police arrived at the scene after receiving information about the incident. Later, it was learnt during an enquiry that Mukim was mentally ill. Hence couldn’t explain or defend himself.

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According to the news published by News 18 on 5th August 2017, people in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan beat a man mercilessly over suspicion of his involvement in braid-chopping incidents. This is a case from Sikri Police jurisdiction area in Bharatpur. The name of the victim is Mukim and he is mentally challenged and resides in Kangla Police station jurisdiction. 

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We spoke to the Commissioner of Vadodara (Gujarat) Anupam Singh Gehlot. He told us that no such incident took place in Gujarat and this video is not from the city of Vadodara in Gujarat. He also said that no mob lynching has taken place in Ajwa Chowk and urged the public to refrain from such misinformation.

Conclusion: After checking the facts, we found the above post to be incorrect. This incident is not from Gujarat. Rather, this video is from a two-year-old incident in Rajasthan and there is no communal outlook associated with this incident. The boy in the claim was tied with ropes and beaten over an alleged suspicion of braid chopping.


Title:An old incident from Rajasthan is currently being spread to be from Gujarat as a Muslim man being killed by a mob of Hindus.

Fact Check By: Ruchika M 

Result: False