Fact Check: Is Sanghaparivar involved in Begusarai incident where a Muslim youth was shot after he was asked his name…?

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Narrative on Social Media:

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The above post shared by a Facebook user named Sagav Vapputty claims that the reign of terror unleashed by Sanghaparivar continues. Muslim youth shot with a bullet after being asked his name by the attacker. The caption of the post in Malayalam reads as follows: “ Muslim youth shot after being told to go to Pakistan. There is Sanghaparivar terror in India since they have come back to power…and also no Congress to stop them.” This post is being propagated on Facebook since 27th May 2019. The post contains a video of the victim, Mohammad Qasim, who is explaining his ordeal in the video. In the video, the victim claims that he was shot by the accused Rajiv Yadav, in front of Suresh Pan center in Kumbhi village in Bihar’s Begusarai district. The accused, who was in inebriated state, asked his name and then cussed him and told him, “What are you doing here? You should go to Pakistan!” the victim can be heard saying in the video. The accused then took out his pistol and fired a bullet on the victim’s back. The victim was injured and started asking for help but no one came forward as the accused stood there waving his gun. When the accused loaded another round in his gun, a hapless Qasim pushed the accused away and ran for his life. The victim adds that he approached the Sarpanch and reported the incident but no action was taken. In the video, the accused nowhere mentions Sanghaparivar is behind the attack on him. However, in order to find out the truth behind the incident, we have fact checked this incident. The details of the findings are as such.

Our Fact Check

In order to gather more information regarding the incident, we searched online about this incident using keywords, ‘Muslim youth shot in Begusarai’ and we came across several reports published by different mainstream media websites on this incident. Mainstream media websites such as The Hindu, News18 and India Times have published reports on this incident on their websites. None of these reports mentions any kind of involvement of Sanghaparivar in this incident. Hence, the role of Sanghaparivar in this whole incident is not clear.

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The Hindu report mentions a series of tweets by Begusarai SP, Awakash Singh who urges people not to generalize the incident. The series of tweets is given below for our readers.

The Begusarai police is clarifying in these tweets that, the investigation of the incident is in progress. As per the FIR and the accounts of eyewitnesses, nothing related to the narrative being spread on social media has emerged until now. Begusarai police is urging people to not to fall for the trap of such rumors and do not generalize the incident of an individual. The investigation is underway and the guilty would be punished, tweets Begusarai police. The police urges people to have patience and stop spreading such messages that disturb the social fabric of the nation in the long term.

We came across a fact check of this incident done by a website called Facthunt who have mentioned a tweet from ANI containing the statement given by Begusarai DSP. In his statement, the Begusarai DSP has said that the incident took place because of a fight between the victim and the accused over price of detergent, following which the accused took out his country made pistol and shot the victim.

On the basis of details we got from the reports of these incidents, we were able to download the FIR from Bihar police’s website. However, the copy of FIR is unclear at certain places but we did not find mention of any communal angle in the FIR. The copy of the FIR is given below for the reference of our readers:


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There is no proof about Sanghaparivar’s involvement in the entire incident. Bihar Police have clarified that the victim was shot following a quarrel with the accused over price of detergent powder. There is no mention of any sort of communal angle about this incident.


Title:Fact Check: Is Sanghaparivar involved in Begusarai incident where a Muslim youth was shot after he was asked his name…?

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: False