Video Of Jharkhand Police’s Mock Drill Goes Viral With False Claims

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The viral video shows a mock drill conducted by Jharkhand Police.

Madhya Pradesh will hold elections on 17 November, 31 ministers of Shivraj government are in the election fray. Meanwhile, a video is being shared on social media, in which some policemen are seen firing. Along with the video, it is being claimed that this video is of the incident when in 2016, Shivraj government shot 6 farmers in Mandsaur when they demanded the right price for their produce.

It is written along with the viral post – In 2016, Shivraj government had shot 6 farmers in Mandsaur over the farmers demanding the right price for their produce. This government is now becoming farmer friendly.

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Fact Check- 

 We started the investigation with a reverse image search on Google and we found that the viral video on Steno Ganesh GSK Vlog YouTube channel. The video was uploaded on 1 November 2017. According to the information, this is the video of mock drill of Khunti Police. 

This video was also uploaded by Great India Channel six years ago. In which information has been given that there is a video of training rehearsal of Jharkhand Khunti Police. 

When we observed the video closely, a red building housing ‘Jagadamba Steel’ shop can be seen in the video. When we searched this location on Google Map , we found this location in Khunti, Jharkhand.

We also examined the buildings in the viral video and the buildings in the Google Maps image. In which both match the location 

Shivraj government fired bullets at 6 farmers in Mandsaur 

In 2017, after the farmers’ agitation became violent in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, at least 6 people, including 5 farmers, died in police firing. Along with this, four other farmers were also injured. The government had then said that apart from farmers blocking a highway, protesters had also damaged and set vehicles on fire. They were pelting stones at the police, forcing the police to open fire in self-defense at Pipliya Mandi in Mandsaur district.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral video to be False. The viral video claiming that Shivraj government shot 6 farmers in Mandsaur in 2016 is actually a video of a mock drill by Jharkhand Police.


Title:Video Of Jharkhand Police’s Mock Drill Goes Viral With False Claims

Written By: Usha Manoj 

Result: False

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