Old Unrelated Image of a Dog sitting on a rubble Shared As Scene from Recent Earthquake in Turkey and Syria…

International Misleading

After a series of massive earthquakes hit Turkey and neighbouring Syria, thousands have been reported dead. As per the latest reports, more than 11000 people have lost their lives in this catastrophe. Search and rescue operations are being carried out on a large scale as prayers pour in from around the globe. 

Images and videos of search and rescue have flooded social media platforms. Trained dogs are being used for search and rescue operations. One photo has gone viral on social media in which we can see a dog sitting on debris. An arm can be seen coming out from the debris. 

Twitter | Archived Link

We can see the viral image in the tweet above. The caption of the tweet says, “Loyalty and unconditional love.” The image is shared with #tags related to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, implying this image to be from the recent earthquake in Turkey.

However, we found that the image is old and is not related to the earthquake in Turkey or Syria. Let’s check out the actual context of this image.

Fact Check

We did a Google reverse image search on the photo and found that the image is present on the internet since 2018. On the stock image website Alamy, we found the same image. The image is credited to a Czech photographer, Jaroslav Noska. The image is present on the website since October 17, 2018 as you can see in the screenshot below.

View image here – Alamy | Archived Link

Thus, the image is not related with the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria. There are similar photos uploaded by the same photographer. Thus, these are old stock photos and not from the site of earthquake in Turkey or Syria.

View images here – Alamy

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Many unrelated images and videos are being circulated on social media claimed to be from earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. In the last few days, we have debunked several such videos and images. To read fact-checks on some viral videos shared falsely as Turkey, click on the links given below:


The photo of a rescue dog sitting on debris shared as scenes after earthquake in Turkey and Syria is old and not related to either countries. The image is available on stock image website since 2018. 


Title:Old Unrelated Image of a Dog sitting on a rubble Shared As Scene from Recent Earthquake in Turkey and Syria…

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: Misleading