The Simpsons Did Not Predict Queen Elizabeth’s Death Year in One of Their Episodes…

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The longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on 8 September this year. Many social media users mourned the Queen’s death, while some seemed criticizing her for some of the human rights violations, which happened during her reign and for the sins committed by the British Imperialists in the past.

However, there was some misinformation too spread about Queen Elizabeth II and her death. You can read few of the fact checks published by Fact Crescendo earlier this month on the late Queen by clicking here and here.

This time, some users on Twitter claimed that the popular cartoon show The Simpsons had predicted the year of Queen’s death in one of their episodes. You can see the tweet below.

View original tweet here – Twitter | Archived Link

Previously, many false claims have been made about The Simpsons. It was falsely claimed that Simpsons had predicted the Corona virus pandemic, Ebola Virus, George Floyd’s death and even 9/11 World Trade Center attack. 

Hence, this tweet cannot be believed on its face value and needs verification. Let us find out whether The Simpsons actually showed the year when Queen Elizabeth II died or this tweet is simply another hoax in the long list of hoaxes around The Simpsons.

Fact Check

We did a keyword search on Google and found a website called The website seems to be a Wikipedia dedicated to The Simpsons and it has information of all the episodes of the cartoon series. We searched for Queen Elizabeth II in the website and found a page dedicated to her. It lists all the episodes of The Simpsons in which the caricature of the late Queen appeared.

As per the website, the queen has appeared four times on the show. Her first appearance is in the first episode of season 4, Kamp Krusty. In the episode, a caricature of the Queen can be seen sitting beside Krusty the clown who was heckling lawn tennis players at the Wimbledon.

Her next appearance was in the fourth episode of season 15, Regina’s Monologues. The caricature seen in the viral image is identical to the way the Queen has been represented in this episode. However, there is no death of the Queen shown in this episode as well.

Her third appearance on the show was in twentieth episode of season 21, To Surveil with Love. Towards the end of the episode, we can see the caricatures of the Queen and her son.

Her last appearance was on cover of Mama’s Boy Life Magazine in the tenth episode of season 29, Haw Haw Land

In none of the above episode, the Queen’s death has been shown. Moreover, an image showing a caricature of ex-US President Donald Trump in an open casket had gone viral a few years ago. It was falsely claimed that The Simpsons predicted the death of the former US President. Which was debunked by many fact checkers across the world. The image of Donald Trump in an open casket strikingly resembles the viral image showing the Queen in the same casket. It appears that the gravestone was added and the body of Donald Trump was replaced by the Queen to make the false claim.

View the Original Tweet Here – Twitter | Archived Link


It is evident from the fact check, that cartoon show The Simpsons had not predicted the exact year when Queen Elizabeth II would die. The viral image showing the queen in a casket also seems to be edited and was not shown in any episodes of The Simpsons in which the Queen appeared.


Title:The Simpsons Did Not Predict Queen Elizabeth’s Death Year in One of Their Episodes…

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: False