Video of Leopard Attack on Cyclist Is From Assam, Not Uttarakhand

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With the arrival of 8 cheetahs from Namibia to India, social media is abuzz with wild cat videos. Furthering the ongoing trend, a video of a leopard attack on a cyclist is going viral. 

In the viral clip, a leopard jumps out of nowhere on a man riding a bicycle. Fortunately, the wild can returns to the woods without harming the man gravely. 

Many prominent journalists and government officers shared this video claiming that it is from Dehradun-Rishikesh Highway in Uttarakhand. 


IFS Susanta Nanda shared the video writing that is from Dehradun-Rishikesh Highway. So do the treasurer of Press Club of India Chander Shekhar Luthra and ABP Ganga’s Uttarakhand bureau chief Ajit Singh Rathi.  The same claims were made on Facebook as well. 

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To determine the veracity of the location of the attack, we did a reverse image search upon a few key-frames of the video. 

It led us to ANI news on YouTube. According to ANI, the leopard attack on a cyclist happened at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam. 

The incident took place at Haldibari Animal Corridor on 19 January 2022. However, the video went viral several months later in June. 

The video of the attack was captured in the CCTV cameras that were installed by the Kaziranga National Park Authority.

The cyclist did not suffer any major injury in the attack as per the news.

According to The Independent, park rangers had urged commuters at the time not to stop vehicles in the area, warning them that the road is in a wild area.

As of now, there are no reports of leopard or tiger attacks on the Dehradun-Rishikesh Highway in Uttarakhand.


Hence, it is clear that the video of a leopard attacking a cyclist is not from Dehradun-Rishikesh Highway. In reality, it is an old video from the Kaziranga National Park in Assam.

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Title:Video of Leopard Attack on Cyclist Is From Assam, Not Uttarakhand

Fact Check By: Mayur Deokar 

Result: False