The video of a cameraman overtaking athletes is from a Powerade commercial. 

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The video is a Powerade commercial directed by Jake S Wynne in 2007 in South Africa.

Video of a track and field event in which a cameraman can be seen beating top athletes in a Men’s sprint is going viral on social media. Users are sharing the video claiming that a cameraman beat all the athletes competing in a sprint competition.

The caption of one of the post states, “Every runner was surprised, other runners- thinking they are the fastest but look at the cameraman.”

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Fact Check-

We started our investigation by running a reverse image search on Google on one of the key frames of the video. The results led us to Jake S Wayne’s YouTube channel who posted the same video on 19 August 2016. Jake S Wynne is an independent filmmaker, writer, and editor working across many creative mediums based in the UK.

The caption of the video mentions, “Powerade Commercial – Olympic cameraman wins gold.”

Jake mentioned that he had directed this Powerade advertisement with Jim Canty.

The description of the video mentions, “A better version of the Powerade commercial I directed with Jim Canty back in the day, and which seems to be getting a lot of interest again! Set to 480p resolution!”

We found that Jake Wynne had posted the same video back in 2007 on his YouTube channel stating that he had directed this commercial in South Africa replicating a real Olympic track and field event. 

We found that Jake S Wynne has also uploaded the same video on his website with the caption, “Powerade-that new camera.”


Fact Crescendo found that the viral video is shared on social media without the actual context and thus people are mistaking it to be real. The video does not show a real incident where a cameraman beat professional athletes. The video is a Powerade commercial advertisement directed by Jake S Wynne in 2007.


Title:The video of a cameraman overtaking athletes is from a Powerade commercial.

Fact Check By: Drabanti Ghosh 

Result: Missing Context