Old Video of Gopal Chaudhry Admitting ‘Money-Making’ Agenda Revived Prior to UP Election

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In order to win over voters, candidates often resort to boastful promises of public welfare prior to polls. Although politicians are known for masking their real agenda, one candidate in a viral video seems to be an exception. 

On the backdrop of ongoing UP elections, a video of a man, claimed to be a Gopal Chaudhry, admitting “making-money” is his sole agenda for contesting the assembly polls has been going viral. 

Users are sharing this video calling him the “most honest candidate in upcoming elections.”

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The man in the video can be heard saying, “I am not contesting elections on any issue. I am doing it for a personal agenda – and that is I want to make money when I become an MLA to fulfill all my desires. This is what is happening in politics, whoever comes into politics makes money, fills his home. Look at what the ministers of the Samajwadi Party are doing. I will also do the same.”


Keyword search led us to various news articles reporting about this video. The name of the man is Gopal Chaudhry who contested from Agra in 2017

ANI uploaded this video on 28 Jan 2017 on their YouTube channel. 

Gopal Chaudhry had made to the news when he made this a controversial statement that he had joined politics to make money for himself.

Hindustan Times reported that Gopal Chaudhry was an independent candidate from Agra South. A video clip of his interview had gone viral back then also.

According to the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) website data does not feature Gopal Chaudhry’s name as a candidate for the UP election 2022.


Hence, five year old video has been revived and falsely linked to the ongoing UP election 2022. Gopal Chaudhry did not make this controversial statement recently. 


Title:Old Video of Gopal Chaudhry Admitting ‘Money-Making’ Agenda Revived Prior to UP Election

Fact Check By: Siddharth Sahu 

Result: Misleading