This video does not show BJP leader forcefully asking people to vote for BJP..

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The old man in the video clarified that he is the uncle of the BJP councilor and they created the video as a joke.

A video showing a man threatening an old man forcing him to support and vote for BJP is widely circulating on social media claiming that this video shows a BJP leader in Uttar Pradesh threatening an old man to vote for BJP forcefully in the upcoming elections. 

This video is being shared with a satirical caption suggesting this is what happens in Uttar Pradesh and this is how BJP leaders act like goons, which is widely accepted. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also shared this video on his official Twitter account.

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Fact Check-

We started our investigation by running a keyword search on Twitter, which led us to the same video posted by the verified handle of a Times of India reporter Arvind Chauhan on 1 February 2022 that mentioned that this video is from Govind Nagar Assembly in Kanpur. The video shows BJP councilor of ward 91 Raghavendra Mishra caught on camera for allegedly threatening a senior citizen who intended to vote against the saffron party.

Later on Arvind Chauhan posted an update stating that the senior citizen claims himself to be uncle of Raghavendra Mishra. We can clearly hear the old man say that he is related to Raghavendra Mishra’s father and Mishra is his nephew with whom he merely joking in the video. He said that this video was made as a satiric joke where Mishra was asking him to join BJP but the video is being falsely politicized ahead of the elections.

As the video went viral, several users tagged the UP Police to look into the matter. As a response to this, the Police Commissionerate of Kanpur Nagar issued a clarification on their official Twitter handle stating that after the video viral they investigated and found the video shows Raghavendra Mishra and his uncle Bhupendra Singh Bhadoria. He says that Bhupendra Singh Bhadoria has clarified that he is Mishra’s relative and they had created the video as a joke. 


Fact Crescendo found the viral image on social media to be Misleading. The video does not show a BJP leader forcing an elderly man to vote for BJP. Both the person in the video are relatives and had created the video as a joke. The old man in the video is the uncle of the BJP councillor Raghavendra Mishra who has clarified the same.


Title:This video does not show BJP leader forcefully asking people to vote for BJP…

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: Misleading

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