BJP leader Sambit Patra shares photos of UP schools in poor condition under Yogi’s rule as SP’s misgovernance

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The three images in the first collage claimed to be before 2017 during SP rule were from Adityanath’s rule.

Bharatiya Janta Party’s (BJP) leader and national spokesperson Sambit Patra tweeted a poster on his official Twitter account showing a collage of images of a dilapidated school building along with images of a modern school building. Patra claimed the images show the change in the condition of schools of Uttar Pradesh under the Samajwadi Party government and BJP government. 

On the right hand side, we can see a modernized school with students along with their science experiments. This image is claimed to be of government school in UP under BJP government. BJP came to power in UP in March 2017. While on the left hand side we can see a flood ravaged school building which Patra claims was during the Samajwadi party reign in UP before 2017. 

“The difference is clear” tweeted Sambit Patra along with the graphic image. He is indicating at development in Uttar Pradesh under both the governments.

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Let us see how much water does Sambit Patra’s claims hold.

Fact Check- 

We started our investigation by running a reverse image search on the images used in the poster. We found that all the images are during BJP government’s tenure in different years.

Image 1: 

Amar Ujala published the first image of the dilapidated school on 7 January 2021. The headline of this report states that “The future of the country is carved in the dilapidated schools”

The caption of the image used in the graphic card mentions, “Primary school number two of village Soram in Shahpur area – This school is 90 years old, which has become dilapidated. – Photo: MUZAFFARNAGAR”

Image 2:

The second image showing a flooded school building was published the Uttar Pradesh organization’s website with the timestamp of when it was captured. The image was captured on August 2018. The headline of the article mentions, “Chitrakoot: Floodwater inside primary school, kids and teachers are facing difficulties”.

Image 3:

The third image of the dilapidated building was published by a website named News Adda on 17 December 2020. The article states that the school is located in Heda Padri area of Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh. An officer was sent for auditing the school but instead he locked the school, as the teachers were not present in the school. Further, the Block Education Office (BEO) had warned the teachers that there would be a deduction in their salaries due to their absence.

Image 5, 6 and 7:

We found that the three images are of a modern classroom with students shows a government classroom in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh. BJP National Secretary and BJP Uttar Pradesh in-charge Y Satya Kuma on his Twitter account had posted the images on 3 January 2022. He wrote that the images are of a government school in Bulandshahr. 

We found that a Twitter user named Aryan Mishra posted a thread mentioning that the science lab was set in a government school in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. We can see ‘Sarla Thakral Astronomy Lab, Gram Panchayat – Chhaprawat’ written on the entrance of the school gate.

We found news reports on astronomy labs being installed in Uttar Pradesh as part of the new 2020 education scheme called ‘Operation Kayakalp’.


Fact Crescendo found that the claim made by Dr. Sambit Patra based on few images as Misleading. All the images shared by Patra were all taken during Yogi Adityanath’s regime in Uttar Pradesh.

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Title:BJP leader Sambit Patra shares photos of UP schools in poor condition under Yogi’s rule as SP’s misgovernance

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: Misleading