Digitally Altered Image of AAP’s Banner Shared To Claim the Party Resorting to Caste Politics in Goa…

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The Media Team of AAP confirmed to Fact Crescendo that the viral image is digitally edited. The original image talks about Employment in Goa.

Amid the campaigning for the Assembly Elections in Goa in 2022, an image is being widely shared on social media. The image shows a billboard by Aam Aadmi Party saying “Kejriwal’s fourth guarantee; caste/religion wise division of Goa”. It is being claimed by few social media users that the billboard was actually put up by the Aam Aadmi Party.
The caption of one of the viral post seen below, mentions, “So Kejriwal promises that he will divide people by caste and religion. Now it’s open.”

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Even though the image seems to be visibly altered, many users are being misled into believing that the AAP has actually made a communal poll promise. Hence, we decided to fact check this image and get to the core of the matter. Here are our findings…

Fact Check-

We started our investigation by running a reverse image search on Google, which led us an article published by the in October 2021. The articles talks about the different banners that are being put up by the political parties before the State Assembly Election 2022 in Goa. The article includes the poster of AAP, which did not carry the same statement as the viral image. This gave us a hint that the viral image was digitally altered.

Next, Fact Crescendo contacted the Media Team of AAP who confirmed to us that the viral image is Fake. They told us that the viral image is digitally edited and the original image talks about Employment which is the 2nd ‘Guarantee’ made by AAP in Goa. They also provided us the original banner that was created by the party. Below you can see a comparison image showing the viral edited image and the original image.

The sentence in the original image mentions, “Kejriwal’s 2nd guarantee unemployed in mining, tourism? Rupees 5000 per month till it starts.”


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral image is False. The viral image is digitally altered to spread a misleading message among the social media users. AAP did not print a banner guaranteeing division of Goa on the lines of caste and religion. 

If you find any such photos/videos forwarded to you on WhatsApp and you are suspicious about it, then forward such content to us on our Fact Line Number +91 9049053770. Our team will verify the content for you and tell you whether it is true or false.


Title:Digitally Altered Image of AAP’s Banner Shared To Claim the Party Resorting to Caste Politics in Goa…

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: Altered