Controversial graphic image of the Hindu God Krishna has NOT been created by Myntra

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Social media is flooded with the trend ,’Boycott Myntra’ which is requests users to boycott the shopping app and refrain from  buying any product from the website. Amidst this, a graphic image depicting Draupadi’s vastraharan scene from Mahabharata is going viral on social media. The image further shows Lord Krishna using a smartphone and shopping for ‘extra-long sarees’ on the e-commerce website Myntra. The claim made along with this image states that the graphic was created by Myntra which hurts the sentiments of the Hindu community. We found that this trend that also went viral in the year 2016.

The caption of the post mentions “Hello Myntra and Myntra Support you have crossed the limit…rest assured I will not only stop buying from Myntra but also ask my friends and family members to stop buying from your store.”

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We found that the image is circulating widely on Facebook.

Fact Check- 

We started our investigation by running a keyword search on Google and found that this graphic image was published by The Financial Express on the 26th August 2016. The news report states that the graphic have not been published by Myntra. The report states that the graphic card was in fact created by a digital marketing firm named Scroll Droll.

Keeping the above mentioned information in mind we ran a Twitter Advanced search to find relevant tweets posted by Scroll Droll in 2016. We found that in August 2016 Scroll Droll had owned up to creating the controversial image and subsequently they deleted the post. They also mentioned that they deeply regretted and apologized for hurting the sentiments of their readers. Further they mentioned that the graphic image was created by them in February and that Myntra does not have any association with the graphic image. You can read their clarification tweets below.

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We also found a clarification posted on the official Twitter handle of the E-commerce website Myntra, on 26 August 2016. They mentioned that the graphic image was not created by them but by a third party firm named Scroll Droll was responsible for this. They further mentioned that Myntra does not endorse the image and will be pursuing legal action against this firm for using the name of their brand without their knowledge or approval.  

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We also found the original graphic creative created by Scroll Droll which also contained their watermark. 

Conclusion- Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the above image to be False. The viral graphic card was not created by Myntra. The images date back to 2016 and were originally created by a digital marketing firm named Scroll Droll in February 2016.

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Title:Controversial graphic image of the Hindu God Krishna has NOT been created by Myntra

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: False