Facebook’s inside feed on 25 friend algorithm is a myth

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Social media has become our best friend in this difficult and lonely time during nationwide lockdowns. We are constantly glued to social media, updating our daily routine, sharing news related to COVID-19 etc. Amidst this, a viral post on social media claims that it shows users how to reset or bypass Facebook’s algorithm in order to increase new friends on the platform. The message claims about “bypassing” or “resetting” Facebook in order to see more friends (25 friends) in your newsfeed.

The message asks users to copy and paste the post into their newsfeeds. It reads: “Thanks for the tips to bypass FB y’all. I have a whole new news feed. I’m seeing posts from people I haven’t seen in years. Here’s how to bypass the system FB now has in place that limits posts on your news feed.”

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What’s written in the viral message?

The message states that “Thanks for the tip to circumvent Facebook…OO5251839 Works!! I have a whole new profile. I see posts from people I didn’t see anymore. Facebook’s new algorithm picks the same people – around 25-who will see your posts. Hold your finger anywhere in this post and click ” copy “. Go to your page where it says ” what’s on your mind”. Tap your finger anywhere in the empty field. Click paste. This is going to circumvent the system. Hello new and old friends! Hello

Drop a single hello, thanks! PLEASE SAY HELLO IF YOU SEE THIS. Hello to all! Hello to all”

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We found that this message is being widely circulated on Facebook with the different unrelated videos.

Fact Check-

We started our investigation by running a keyword search on Google to find relevant news reports regarding Facebook’s new update, however, we were unable to find any trusted media reports about the information shared in the viral message.

Next, we searched for relevant information on Facebook’s website and found that they have already mentioned about the viral hoax on 6th February 2019. This message had earlier gone viral stating that if the above-mentioned process is followed then it will add 26 friends to your newsfeed. To this, Facebook responded stating that “Facebook does not set a limit on the number of people whose posts are shown in your News Feed.

‘The idea that News Feed only shows you posts from a set number of friends is a myth,’ says Ramya Sethuraman, a product manager who works on ranking. ‘The goal of News Feed is to show you the posts that matter to you so that you have an enjoyable experience. If we somehow blocked you from seeing content from everyone but a small set of your friends, odds are you wouldn’t return.’

However, the persistence of the “26 friends” myth is understandable.”

The News Feed algorithms prioritize posts that are predicted to spark conversations among people, whether because of format — for example, live videos tend to lead to more discussions than regular videos — or because the posts were shared by people, groups or pages you interact with frequently.

They have clearly stated that the viral message is a hoax and our profile activity will not increase their activity by posting such spam posts.

Further, Facebook has also posted a video about their initiative of bringing people closer. They clearly state that they have a mechanism called “Ranking” according to which they show us posts on our newsfeed. They also mentioned that this ranking is made keeping in mind our post interaction where it is with an individual or any page or group.

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Conclusion- Fact Crescendo found the above-mentioned post to be False. Facebook has not set any particular 25 friends’ algorithm to increase friends and posts on your newsfeed. The viral message is a myth.


Title:Facebook’s inside feed on 25 friend algorithm is a myth

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: False

23 thoughts on “Facebook’s inside feed on 25 friend algorithm is a myth

  1. If this is a false allegation of you is allegation of you guys choosing to pick who we see out of our friends then tell me why is it sometimes I don’t even see my wife’s posts and I have her down as a favourite as well as my kids I should be seeing them 1st

  2. Thank you for the information….I only copied and paste because I could see other people doing this and I thought it was something we had to do ……

  3. Why don’t you check political post then as all of those are a lie ?
    I have never seen them come good on any statements they claim

  4. I believe this to be true, I only see approximately 25 friends respond to my post and I have hundreds of Facebook friends…please make my post available to ALL my friends…Thank you!

  5. If this is false info than how come it works every time I do the reset? If this was an anomaly fewer people would have the issue.

  6. I want to see all my friends posts not just the same four people let me decide what I see. I hate all the ads as,well they are annoying and nothing more than spam

  7. I apologize i had no idea this was false if i did i would of never posted it. I truly am sorry. Thank you Larry

  8. Who are you to be fact checking my sh*t. Half the info on this app is probably incorrect. All I know is after I posted, I had a whole different Facebook page. I started seeing posts from people I haven’t seen in a while.
    So fact or myth it works. So plz don’t send me your bull***t post, I could care less what you think.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Thanks Facebook for letting me know the message was false. I appreciate your help very much. I saw. Friend of mine do the same thing and I didn’t realize it was false, so sorry.

    Thank you for all you do for us.

    Can you tell me how come I get people to say they accepted my friend request when I didn’t send them one?

  10. Saw the same on a friend’s page and didn’t realize that it was fake. Funny my friends did the same to my post. What a laugh!

  11. Thanks for fact check. What can be done about hackers stealing our photos and reposting them. I have blocked people that return in food groups and on my page.

  12. I thought this was a true post! I only copied because I thought it was true!

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