Edited Video Falsely Shared As Hitler Crying During His Speech

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A short clip of Hitler’s speech is going viral with a claim that it shows him crying in front of people. In the viral clip, Hitler supposedly says: “Because I know somewhere deep down in my heart I still love you.”

Fact Crescendo received many fact-check requests about this video on our WhatsApp FactLine (9049053770).

We found out that it is a doctored video. This video has been mischievously edited to mislead. 


Users are sharing this viral clip with the caption: हिटलर भी बहुत रोता था सोचा बता दूं। (Hitler also used to cry a lot)


The same video is also shared on Facebook.

Original Post – Facebook


After watching the clip, it is clear that the voice in the video does not belong to Hitler. 

To determine what Hitler actually said, we searched for the original video. 

After going through several videos of Hitler’s speeches, we found a YouTube video that matches the viral video. This video has Hitler’s original voice. 

You can watch the clip from 41 second-mark

Hitler says in German:

“Wir wollen nicht lügen und wollen nicht schwindeln! Ich habe deshalb … ich habe deshalb es abgelehnt, jemals vor dieses Volk hinzutreten und billige Versprechungen zu geben.”

It roughly translates in English as:

“We don’t want to lie and we don’t want to cheat. I have therefore refused to ever come before the nation and make cheap promises.”

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Taking the clue from it, we came to know that Hitler had given this speech in Berlin on 10 February 1933. 

It was Hitler’s first speech as Germany’s Chancellor, known as Proclamation to the German Nation.

A full video of this speech is available with English subtitles on Internet Archive. From 28.12 minutes, you can see the same visuals as seen in the viral video. 

We further cross-verified the German and English transcripts of this speech and found no reference to the alleged words claimed in the viral video. Longer German and English transcripts can be accessed here. 

A full video and audio version of Hitler’s 1933 inauguration speech is also available. You can also see clips from this speech on Getty Images, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Critical Past library. 

This story has earlier been fact-checked by Fact Crescendo Marathi.

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The viral clip does not show Hitler crying in front of people. The voice-over has been digitally added to the clip to mislead people. In the original speech, Hitler neither cried nor uttered the words claimed in the viral clip.


Title:Edited Video Falsely Shared As Hitler Crying During His Speech

Fact Check By: Mayur Deokar 

Result: False