Don’t Fall For Viral Volkswagen Suicide Bomber Video Ad; It’s just a spoof!

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A viral video, seemingly an advertisement for a Volkswagen car, is doing rounds on social media. A rather unusual video shows a suicide bomber driving a VW Polo to a restaurant.  He then detonates the bomb but the blast is contained within the car without blowing itself, saving the lives outside.

Believing it to be a genuine VW advertisement, many users are sharing this video. Some appreciated its dark humor but others found it in poor taste. 

Our readers sent this video on Fact Crescendo’s WhatsApp Factline (9049053770) to confirm its authenticity. Our findings revealed that this is not an authentic Volkswagen ad. It was just a spoof video made in 2005 without any involvement of the company. 


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The viral 22-second clip shows a man getting into his car and driving away. He parks outside a roadside restaurant. He pushes the button to detonate the bomb. A flash appears inside the car apparently killing the suicide bomber only. The video ends with ‘Polo. Small but tough’ tagline and Volkswagen logo.

The video is viral on Twitter too. 



A key-word search led us to an article published by the Guardian in 2005. 

Interestingly, this video had created a huge buzz back in the day when social media was not a big thing as it is today.

After it went viral via emails in January 2005, Volkswagen had made it clear that they have not commissioned the viral commercial. 

“Volkswagen has expressed disgust at the spoof depiction of a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a VW Polo, and tomorrow it will consider legal action against its creators,” reported the Guardian.

Original News – Campaign Live

Spoof that Goofed up

The ad was created by Lee and Dan. They were known for their spoof ads. 

As Volkswagen threatened to take legal action against the makers, the duo apologized for their misadventure. 

“The ad got out accidentally and has spread like wildfire. It wasn’t meant for public consumption,” Dan said. 

“We think the spot reflects what people see in the news every day, and in this instance the car is the hero that protects innocent people from someone with very bad intentions. We’re sorry if the ad has caused any offense.”


Thus, the viral suicide bomber video is not a genuine ad for VW Polo. It was just a hoax video made outside the company’s involvement. We urge our readers not to fall for this viral video believing it to be true.


Title:Don’t Fall For Viral Volkswagen Suicide Bomber Video Ad; It’s just a spoof!

Fact Check By: Mayur Deokar 

Result: False