Fake WhatsApp message claiming no COVID-19 Deaths in Israel due to miraculous solution of Lemon and Bicarbonate…

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COVID-19 pandemic has brought down the world to an unprecedented halt momentarily. The deadly novel coronavirus has so far infected over 8 lac people across the globe with COVID-19 related deaths approaching 40K. The Pandemic has hit almost every country on the globe with a few exceptions like North Korea. While the world is battling the pandemic, social media is inundated with misinformation regarding the deadly virus. Whatsapp has become the hotbed for peddlers of misinformation and rumours about COVID-19. Lately a lot of misinformation is being spread regarding COVID-19 and the ways in which it can be treated or cured. But a lot of such forwards are misleading and can prove fatal if believed to be true. 

We have come across one such Whatsapp message which is viral on the social media platforms:

As you can see in the screengrab, the message claims a mixture of hot water with lemon and baking soda as a cure for COVID-19 disease. And due to this simple solution, Israel is the only country with no fatality due to COVID-19. Though the message seems insanely ridiculous, yet a lot of people are believing it and spreading it as a fact, not only on Whatsapp but on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well. The following screenshots show similar posts on Facebook and Twitter:



Let us find out how factually correct the claims made in these posts are.

Fact Check

The Whatsapp message claims that this mixture was invented in Israel and by virtue of this miraculous mixture, no Israeli has died from COVID-19. This claim is FALSE. As per the latest situation report by WHO, there have been a total 15 deaths in Israel as on 30th March 2020. Over 4200 people in Israel are suffering from COVID-19.

WHO situation report 70

As per WHO website, the cure for COVID-19 is yet to be found. The screenshot from WHO’s Q&A section on COVID-19 can be seen below:


Also as per, WHO some western, traditional medicines and home remedies can provide symptomatic relief to those suffering from the disease, however it is not proven that any of them can prevent or cure COVID-19.

We searched for researches on Alkalization of Immune System and we did find some research with respect to alkaline diet helping in reducing morbidity and mortality from chronic disease. But we did not find any research with respect to alkalization of immune system, consisting white blood cells, spleen, bone marrow, antibodies, complement system, lymphatic system and thymus, as a potential cure for COVID-19. For any queries related to COVID-19, you can visit the following websites that can provide you authentic information.



The Whatsapp message claiming there has been no deaths in Israel due to COVID-19 as the Israelis are drinking a solution of hot water, bicarbonate and lemon that can cure COVID-19 is fake. There have been 15 deaths in Israel due to COVID-19 plus the solution of lemon, hot water and bicarbonate is not proven to cure COVID-19.  If you want to verify any misinformation related to COVID-19, please share it on our Whatsapp number 9049046809.


Title:Fake WhatsApp message claiming no COVID-19 Deaths in Israel due to miraculous solution of Lemon and Bicarbonate…

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: False