Is this the image of a brave Bihar police officer who shot dead 3 men attempting to rape a student…?

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A Facebook page called Kerala Trending Media has published a post in Malayalam on 16 June 2019. The post carries an image of a lady cop donning Police’s Khaki uniform and seems to be a decorated officer holding a high rank. The caption of the post in English reads : “Salute madom??” and the Malayalam text on the image of the lady cop translates as such, “The braveheart Police who shot dead three men, who were trying to rape a student in Bihar. Big Salute.” The post does not contain any other detail of the cop or the incident apart from the image. The image was shared over 350 times on Facebook and while going through the comments we found that a lot of people believed in the post and also commented congratulatory messages in the comment box. This invokes inquisitiveness regarding the tenacious lady police officer. Who is this officer? What is her name? Is this incident real? Let’s find out the answers through investigation.

Our Fact Check

To know more about the daring policewoman in the image we searched the image on Yandex using reverse image search. In the results, we found an article of Amar Ujala in which the same image was used. Screenshot of the Hindi article is given below:

The headline of the above article in Hindi translates as such: “Misinformation was spread about this daring woman IPS officer.” The article mentions that the name of the IPS officer is Sanjukta Parashar and she is serving in the Assam Police. Sanjukta is an IPS officer from 2006 batch belonging to Assam/Meghalaya cadre and at time she was serving in the Assam police as an SP.

Also the badge seen on the arm of Sanjukta in the image resembles the badge of Assam Police with its logo. Hence, it is certain that Sanjukta served for Assam police and not Bihar police as claimed in the post.

The article, published in June 2015, mentions about misinformation that was spread about her on social media that she is the first woman IPS officer from Assam. However, the first woman IPS officer from Assam is Yamin Hazarika. We searched more about Sanjukta on Google and found out a number of articles praising her for her valour. We found an article published by a website called Menxp. The headline of the article is as such: “This Female IPS Officer From Assam Is The Most Badass Indian Woman We Know Of.” The body of the article introduces her as such: “Sanjyukta Parashar, a female IPS officer from Assam, could have had all that considering her 85th rank (All India) in the UPSC exams and her exceptional academic merits. But she chose a route that even the toughest dread to take – she decided to lead the fight against the Bodo militants of Assam.” Sanjukta Parashar was posted in conflict prone Jorhat district of Assam where she had to maintain peace amid a conflict between Bodo militants and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. Sanjukta lead a battalion and with AK-47 rifle shot down 16 militants and arrested 64 militants in a very short span of time. This made her one of the most dreaded police officer among the militants.

We found her Facebook page, from where we came to know that she served as SP of Jorhat and Sonitpur districts of Assam before being posted in GHQ of Assam Police in Guwahati in 2016. She is serving in the NIA from 2017. We didn’t find any other story about her on Google when we searched using keywords like ‘Sanjukta Parashar shoots three men attempting rape’, but didn’t find any news articles or report based on such an incident. When we searched on Google for news on any woman cop who shot dead men for attempting rape, we did not get any results.


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This post is mostly false as the image used in the post is of a celebrated woman IPS officer from Assam who is currently working with the NIA. Also, we didn’t find any news articles reporting any such incident.


Title: Is this the image of brave Bihar police officer who shot dead 3 men attempting to rape a student…?

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: False