This video has no connection with the traffic challan

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On October 10, 2014, a Facebook user named “Sumit Sarin” posted a video, which says, “A boy set his car on fire due to a challan of Rs. 35,000/- that was levied on him#Mathura and left his wife on the road after he handed her a pistol. Watch the full video ahead.

The video shows several people and police officers standing at some distance from a man who is threatening that the woman will shoot herself if someone approaches them. This video has gone viral on social media with the claim that the  man shown in the video was fined Rs 35,000 as a result of which he set his car on fire and made his ‘wife and children’ sit on the road with a pistol. 

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In the beginning of the investigation, we found this video on YouTube using these keywords “ABP ganga Mathura SSP office Bahar Hungama”, which resulted in the news published by ABP Ganga. The title of the news reads, “Mathura: Young man and woman made the police run, see exclusive Video”. In the description of this video it is written that “There has been a ruckus outside the SSP office in Mathura. With a weapon in both hands, this young man was seen rushing towards the police. He is running after the police and the police are in shock. This occurred in front of the Civil Post of Sadar Bazar area. The young man came with a woman. The woman has a pistol in her hand and she is also seen creating a disturbance. The youth has also burnt his car and is threatening to commit suicide.

After this, we contacted SSP Shalbh Mathur of Mathura who told us that the claims made on social media are false and the traffic challan has nothing to do with this incident. The motive behind this plan was to attract media attention so that the person featured in the video, Shivam, becomes famous in front of the world. The man has been identified as Shivam Chaudhary from Mathura who reached the spot on that evening. There was a woman as well, who had an illegal weapon. They set their car on fire and when an attempt was made to control them, the woman fired in the air and faced the crowd. He was screaming and talking to the people.”

After this we contacted ASP Ashok Kumar Meena of Mathura, he also clarified that this incident is not related to the traffic challan and this video is being spread on social media with false claims. Also, he provided us with the video explanation given on Twitter by the SSP of Mathura.According to the explanation given on Twitter, the incident took place on September 25th and the person seen in the video has been identified as Shivam Chaudhary, who hails from Mathura, while the woman’s name is Anjali Sharma. She was married to someone else. Shivam told the police that he was associated with Anjali for eight years as they were both business partners. Anjali’s husband and in-laws objected to her relationship with Shivam after which Anjali left her husband’s house. It seems that he had informed his family about his arrival before reaching there. After this incident, both Shivam and Anjali Sharma have been arrested. They have been charged under the 3/25 Arms Act, and sections 304 and 7 CLA Act. 

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According to the news published by Hindustan Times on 26th September 2019, the police said that the exact cause of the incident was not known due to conflicting statements made by Shivam. SSP Mathur told Hindustan Times that “Sometimes, he claimed that the woman accompanying him was his wife and at other times he called her his sister. Then, he changed his version and said that this woman is his business partner.”

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Conclusion: We have found the above post wrong after checking the facts. Neither the person was fined Rs 35,000/- nor is it proved that the woman sitting on the road his wife. The incident took place on 25th September in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh and the incident is not related to Traffic Challans.


Title:This video has no connection with the traffic challan

Fact Check By: Ruchika M 

Result: False