This video shows the police conducting lathi charge on common people after imposing an increase in fines levied on violation of traffic rules.

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On 8th September 2019, a post was shared on a Facebook page named ‘United Andhbhakt’. In this post a video has been shown. In this video it can be seen that three men are being brutally beaten up by the police using sticks and 2 people are being taken to the police station in a police van. The description of the post says: “As soon as the new traffic rules are implemented, the terror of police begins”

By this post, it is being claimed that a new Act related to the traffic rules has been passed by the central government due to which the citizens and the police clashed on the road.  People are annoyed with the increase in the amount of fines levied due to the violation of the traffic rules; and because of this, everyday there are arguments between the police and the common people and police are using lathis (sticks) on people. Let us find the truth behind the claim made in this post.

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First of all we conducted a reverse frames search with the help of Invid tool, but we did not get any desired results from Google, Bing and Yandex search. After this, we started reading the comments of the post, and then we found some information provided by a user, in which it has been said that this incident took place in Alwar, Rajasthan. This is a video of the lathi-charge that was conducted on the students of the anit-student union protesting after the defeat in the student union election. 

Based on this information, we searched using the keywords with ‘police lathi-charge on students in Alwar Rajasthan’. As a result we found a video uploaded on 29th August 2019 by Rajasthan Tak. In this video, the clips of the video shared with the above post are exactly the same. It is written in this caption that after the Student Union Election 2019 in Alwar, the demonstration was not good for students. The policemen beat the students and local residents following the protests. You may see this video down below.

Apart from this search, we found another video broadcasted by ‘S TV News Online’ on 29th August 2019.   The clip shown in this video matches the shared video in the above post. It is written in the caption “police showered sticks on the students, the students were demanding a re-counting in the Students Union Elections”. It is written in the description- “On Wednesday night, after accusations of alleged rigging in the Students Union Elections, the supporters of the candidates who lost the election were going to meet the collector after conducting a Dharna at the gate of RR College Gate. The police opened lathi charge on them at around 9:30 at night. The incident occurred near the RR college intersection.”

Several students and supporters have suffered injuries due to the lathi-charge. Police detained Ex- serviceman Amarchand, Meena, Kapil Meena and Shyam Choudhry on charges of breach of peace and later released them. The police denied the lathi-charge. In the election held at RR College, ABVP candidate Pooja Jorwal lost to her nearest contestant and independent candidate Deepak Yadav by 2 votes. NSUI candidate Paramjeet also finished 3rd with 12 votes. After the results of voting, students and supporters of both the organizations NSUI and ABVP sat on a dharna outside the principal chamber in protest of alleged rigging by Vimlesh Gupta (Principal in counting of voting) and Chief Electoral Officer Sashma Mittal including the college administration. You can see this video below. 

Apart from this we found a video uploaded by A1 TV News channel. This video also resembles the video shared in the post. It is written in the title – Alwar: Police shower lathis on student protestors protesting against the Students Union Election result in RR College. You can see the video below.

This makes it clear that this video is not related to the fine levied on violation of traffic rules.. But, this video is actually from Alwar, Rajasthan, where on 29th August, students protested the results of the Student Union Elections and the police showered sticks. This video is not related to the new Act relating to the traffic rules applicable from 1st September 2019. 

Result of investigation: From our research it becomes clear that the claim made in video shared in the above post that “after increasing the amount of fine levied on violation of traffic rules, police conducted lathi-charge on the common people”, is absolutely wrong. This video is of the lathi-charge that took place on 29th August after the Student Union Elections in RR College Alwar, Rajasthan.


Title:This video shows the police conducting lathi charge on common people after imposing an increase in fines levied on violation of traffic rules.

Fact Check By: Ruchika M 

Result: False