This video of children being beaten in a Cage is from Porbandar, Gujrat

False Social

A shocking video of two boys being brutally beaten in an iron cage has sparked outrage on the social media. The helpless children can be seen desperately pleading with their perpetrators for the mercy. The concerned citizens are urging the police to take action against those responsible for this brutality against minor children. 

On Twitter, many users have tagged UP Police assuming the video is from Uttar Pradesh. The UP Police too, responded to the tweet asking whereabouts of this video. 


On Facebook, the same video is claimed to be from Bhavnagar, Gujrat. As you can see in the below post.

What’s the Truth?

In order to determine the location and other information about this video we analyzed it using the InVid tool. Upon getting the key-frames we ran a Google reverse image search on them. As a result, we found an article published by a Gujrati language news-portal Porbandar Times. According to this article, the incident had taken place in Porbandar. The boys were accused of stealing from a dairy.

On searching more on this, we came across an article by V-TV Gujrati. According to it, Porbandar District Police Officer Parthraj Singh Gohil had brought the truth of this video to the people. The boys were caught on the suspicion of stealing from a local dairy in Kuchdi village. After the video became viral on social media, the parents of the victims lodged a complaint and three people were booked in the case.

Fact Crescendo then contacted Chetan Thakra, a local journalist. He informed us that the incident had happened some 2-3 weeks ago. The boys were going home after the school. They stopped near the local dairy and went inside. Some villagers saw them and thought they were stealing. The enraged villagers beat them with sticks and then locked up in an iron cage for some hours. Initially, the parents of the victim did not go to police. But when the video made rounds on social media, they registered a complaint with Harbour Marine police station in Porbandar. The three people were arrested in the case.

Below is the video clip of police giving information about this incident.


The said viral video of beating children in a cage is actually from Porbandar, Gujrat. The boys were beaten on suspicion of stealing from the local dairy. Three suspects have been arrested for the assault.


Title:This video of children being beaten in a Cage is from Porbandar, Gujrat

Fact Check By: Mayur Deokar 

Result: False