Is the rapist of an 8-year-old kid murdered in public at Barabanki? Fact Check!

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A Facebook user named Sagar Sharma Bjp Didoli shared a post on 9 June 2019. The post as translated from Hindi quoted The man who raped an 8-year-old girl in Barabanki was killed by a Hindu Tiger in the middle of the road.” As per this post’s claim, a rapist killed in the middle of the road in Barabanki. Let us see what the facts are!  


FacebookPost | ArchivedLink


We first searched for the video shown in the above posts on Google by searching the key words ‘man stabbed in public’. What we got in the search is below:

In this search, we received the news and a video given by TOI dated 8 June 2019. According to this news; at S.R.Nagar in Hyderabad, a 21-year-old youth named Imtiaz was stabbed and attempted to murder. His in-laws did not approve of his marriage and that is why his brothers-in-law attacked him in public. To read the full story, click the links below.

TOINews | ArchivedLink

Apart from this, we got a news by ‘Indiatoday’ dated 9 June 2019. This covered the same incidence and stated that the cops have arrested the culprits. To read the full story, click the links below.

IndiatodayPost | ArchivedLink

This search affirms that the video shared in the above post is not from Barabanki. This incident happened at S.R.Nagar, in Hyderabad. A 21-year-old young man named Imtiaz was married to a 19-year-old girl on June 5, 2019. In this marriage, the girl’s relatives were not ready and for taking revenge, the girl’s brothers attacked Imtiaz in public and tried to kill him by stabbing him several times.


Fact Crescendo has fact checked and confirms that the video shared in the post is with a wrong narrative. We categorise the story as FALSE.

FactCrescendo advises its readers to refrain from sharing such misleading and communally biased videos and do a self-check on the true narrative of such incidents before believing them.


Title:Is the rapist of an 8 year old kid murdered in public at Barabanki? Fact Check!

Fact Check By: Nita Rao 

Result: False