Misleading video shared as communal attacks on Hindus in Pakistan.

Communal Misleading

The video shows a fight between two families following a land dispute. There is no Hindu Muslim communal dimension in this incident.

There have been reports that minority Hindus in Pakistan have been targeted by the majority Muslim population in many places. A video with a similar claim went viral on social media recently in the backdrop of Israel- Palestine conflict. In the video, one can be seen grabbing the woman by her hair and clothes and some people are seen hitting and throwing her.

The caption of the post states, “This is the condition of Hindu children and women in Pakistan”.

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Fact Check

We started our investigation by running a Google reverse image search, whose result led us to several news reports about the footage published by Pakistani media outlets. On 8 January, 2022, the incident occurred in Sialkot, Pakistan. According to reports, the attack was motivated by a 13-year land dispute between the two families. 

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According to the Dawn report, a woman named Munawar Kanwal was attacked. Munawar was attacked by her neighbour Nasreen Bibi and her relatives. When the video became viral on social media, the Punjab Chief Minister demanded an investigation into the incident. Following this, Punjab I.G. Rao Sardar Ali Khan ordered and the Sialkot police conducted an investigation. 

As a result of the complaint filed by the victim, Munawar, 15 people were booked and 9 people were arrested. Pakistan’s Urdu media has published an article including the FIR. According to the report, the victim revealed that the assailants and the victim were from the Muslim community.  

In further search, we found that the Punjab Police has issued a message on the official Twitter page about the incident and the arrest of the accused.

We could not find any of the reports published by the Pakistani media that the incident had communal dimensions. The police report also did not provide communal levels. The investigation has made it clear that the viral scenes of women being attacked in Pakistan have no communal dimension.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral video to be Misleading. The incident in which a woman was attacked in Pakistan was a result of a fight between two families following a land dispute. This event has no Hindu Muslim communal lines.


Title:Misleading video shared as communal attacks on Hindus in Pakistan

Written By: Usha Manoj 

Result: Misleading

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