The video does not show a Black man beating up a White woman

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An old video of 2014 assault between two women in New Jersey. 

A disturbing video of a lady being brutally assaulted is going viral on social media. Many people on social media claimed that a Black man beat up a White woman in a park in front of her terrified children in the video.

The video depicts a Black individual repeatedly punching a woman as crowds watch and a young boy cries and kicks the assailant. The words “Why didn’t anyone help?” and an ABC7 news logo are visible across the bottom of the screen.

One person tweeted the video adding that the attacker seen in the clip was still on the loose, while others blamed President Joe Biden for rising crime rates in the US. 

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A simple reverse-image search on Google led us to a post on the ABC 8News – WRIC Facebook page, where the same video was uploaded on July 2, 2014. 

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Keeping this in mind we conducted additional keyword searches, which brought us to a CBS News report from June 2014. According to the report, a mother in southern New Jersey was savagely beaten up by another woman. The altercation occurred on June, 2014, in Salem, NJ.

In further search we found more reports of the incident.

The female assailant, Latia Harris, attacked Catherine Ferreira in Salem City, N.J, on @4 June 2014. The assault occurred in a field between a McDonald’s restaurant and an apartment complex. Ferreira, a former coworker of Harris, told police another employee had accused her of spreading rumors about Harris and her manager. Harris’ McDonald’s uniform is visible in the video.

As Harris hit Ferreira, her 2-year-old son kicked Harris and pleaded for the beating to stop. In the video, Harris can be heard saying “You better get your son before I kick him in the face, too!”

As per reports the victim used to work with Harris at a McDonald’s in Salem. The attack was reportedly sparked by workplace gossip as the latter thought that it could jeopardise her job. Harris was sentenced to three years in New Jersey State prison on an aggravated assault charge. In 2015, Harris pleads guilty to aggravated assault, which she unsuccessfully tried to withdraw in 2017. Through her guilty plea, she avoided a 10-year sentence in exchange for three years in prison. 


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral video to be False. The video depicts an assault in 2014 between two former female co-workers in New Jersey over workplace issues.


Title:The video does not show a Black man beating up a White woman

Written By: Usha Manoj 

Result: False