Video of Metro Station in Qatar Shared as Shahrukh Fans Storming a Dubai Theatre Screening Pathaan…

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A video of a crowded establishment is going viral on social media platforms. It is being claimed that this video is from Dubai where Shahrukh Khan fans stormed movie theatres to watch his Khan’s recently released movie Pathaan. 

However, this video is old and has no relation to either Pathaan or Dubai. Here is the complete truth behind the viral video.

Viral Video

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In the tweet above, we can see a massive crowd entering an establishment, which is already heavily crowded. The caption of the tweet suggests that they are fans of Shahrukh Khan who turned in large numbers to watch his movie Pathaan. 

However, many have commented that the video is from Qatar. Some have even pointed out that one can see the Lusail football stadium in the video.

Let us see where the video was actually taken.

Fact Check

We did a reverse image search on the video and found the video posted on Tik Tok. The video was posted in December 2022 and was taken at the Lusail QNB metro station in Qatar.


In the screenshot give above, we can see the date on which the video was posted. The video was taken during last year’s FIFA world cup. We can see many Argentinian fans in the jersey of Argentina on the escalator. 

Besides the stadium seen from the Metro station’s window, the design and the signboard indicate that the establishment is indeed the Lusail metro station. We can see similar videos from the same metro station below:


The video being shared as Shahrukh fans storming theatres in Dubai to watch Pathaan is not from Dubai. In addition, people are not storming a theatre to watch Pathaan. The video is from last year’s FIFA world cup in Qatar.


Title:Video of Metro Station in Qatar Shared as Shahrukh Fans Storming a Dubai Theatre Screening Pathaan…

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: False