Unrelated video viral as gulf countries sending back Indian employees after Nupur Sharma’s comment

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The video has no relation with Nupur Sharma’s comment. The video is 3 month old.

In the light of Islamic countries expressing their displeasure over BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s recent comment on Prophet Muhammad, a video is widely circulating on social media. The users claim that the Gulf companies are sending back the Indian employees who had migrated there for work. The post further states that the Gulf countries are firing the Indian employees in opposition to Nupur Sharma’s comments.

The caption of the post states, “Indians working from gulf countries are being evicted, this is an insult to India…is this foreign policy that is prevalent in abroad.”

(Hindi: खाड़ी देशों से काम कर रहे भारतीयों को निकाला जा रहा है, यह है भारत का अपमान…क्या यही है विदेश नीति जिसका घंटा विदेशों में बज रहा है|)

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Fact Check- 

We started our investigation by running a reverse image search along with relevant keyword search on Google, whose results led us a YouTube short that states that this video shows Redco International Company giving tickets to their employees. The captions mentions, “Redco international company Qatar today give cricket workers.”

The video was published on 29 March 2022. This makes it very clear that the video does not show any Gulf country sending back their Indian employees as a reaction of Nupur Sharma’s controversial comments.

Keeping the above information in mind, we ran a keyword search on Google. We found a Facebook user shared this video and mentioned that this is a 3 month-old video from Qatar.

The caption states, “#FakeNews : Bataya Jaraha Hai Ki Yeh #Qatar Ki Redco International Company Hai, Jahan BJP Leaders Ki Taraf Se Nabi Ki Gustaqi Par 7000 Logon Ko Nikala Gaya Hai, Yeh Video 3 Mahine Old Hai, Company Nuksan Me Chall Rahi Thi To Workers Company Chhodke Jarahe The.”

The user mentions that the employees are leaving the company as the company is running in losses.

We found the same video available on YouTube on 23 March 2022 with the caption that states, “Redco international company Qatar today news #Qatar 23/03/2022.”   

The description of the video states, ‘The Redco international company had issues to pay the salaries of the workers. Which is why they were on strike for 3 months. The incident is from Al Rayyan Industrial Area 47, Qatar.’

Our investigation revealed that the workers of the Redco International Company were on a strike as their company was going through a loss and they did not receive their salaries. However, as a result the company provided their workers with tickets to return to their countries. 

You can see the Redco company’s workers protest videos here.


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the video to be Misleading. Nupur Sharma’s made her controversial comments in the end of May 2022. However, the viral video is available on the internet since March 2022. This makes it clear that the viral video is not a reaction to Nupur’s comments on Prophet Mohammad.


Title:Unrelated video viral as gulf countries sending back Indian employees after Nupur Sharma’s comment

Fact Check By: Drabanti Ghosh 

Result: False