Mary Beatrice Kenner did not invent sanitary pads; Know the truth. 

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Currently, an image of a lady is going viral on social media claiming that her name is Mary Beatrice Kenner who invented sanitary pads. 

The text with the image reads, “She is Mary Beatrice Kenner, the woman who invented simple sanitary pads for women. Her invention has helped billions of women and children to get rid of various diseases.”

Fact Crescendo found the claim to be partly false. Mary Beatrice Kenner did not invent sanitary pads, she invented sanitary belts. 

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First, we ran various keywords to know when were first sanitary pads invented. According to an article published on a website about the history of sanitary pads, the use of menstrual pads can be traced back to the 10th-century Ancient Greece era. Before disposal pads came to market, women were using rags, cotton, wool, rabbit fur, grass, etc.

The first disposal pads were made from wood pulp bandages by nurses in France. First disposal pads (Southball Pad) came to market in 1888.

So it can be said that the sanitary pad was invented in 1888. 

Another website mentioned that the first use of tampons was recorded in ancient Egyptian Medical records which were manufactured from the papyrus plants. In 1929 physician Dr. Earle Hass patented and invented modern-day tampons.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology published an article that mentioned that Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner was born on 7 May, 1912 in North Carolina, USA.

Hence it is clear that sanitary pads were invented and were in use much before Mary Beatrice Kenner was born. So it will not be right to say that she invented pads.

So what did Mary Beatrice Kenner invent?

According to the History Hit website, a study in 1927 found that Kotex Pads were long, thick and stiff. This led Mary Beatrice Kenner to invent sanitary belts which will prevent pads from shifting and causing leakage of blood. She patented her invention of sanitary belts in 1956

Below you can see the details of the patent for the sanitary belt.

We also came across a YouTube video which showed the use of various types of sanitary pads and belts and how these were developed over the years. 


Fact Crescendo found that the claim is partly false. Mary Beatrice Kenner did not invent sanitary pads. She invented sanitary belts.


Title:Mary Beatrice Kenner did not invent sanitary pads; Know the truth.

Fact Check By: Siddharth Sahu 

Result: Partly False