The Govt is not planning any mid-night operation against the farmers on protest

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Social media is filled with misleading claims related to the ongoing Farmers protest in Delhi against the newly implemented Farmers Bill 2020. Amidst this, a viral video claiming that the Government will deploy Paramilitary Forces at the Singhu Border to carry out a major operation and impose curfew in Punjab and Haryana.

The video shows a man who claims to be Gurcharan Singh Babbar the editor-in-chief of three newspapers, he is seen claiming in the video that the government is planning a big operation against the farmers in the coming days. The way Gurcharan Singh Babbar is speaking in the video clearly indicates that he is trying to incite and mislead farmers. In his video, he said he has information about a top-secret plan of the government that intends to end the farmers protest by arresting the men sitting for the farmers protest.

In the video, Gurcharan Singh Babbar tries to mislead farmers by saying that he has credible sources in the government who have informed him that the government will not take back the new farm laws, therefore, the government has asked security forces to keep a track of how many children, women, elderly and farmer leaders are present at the various Delhi borders including Singhu, Tikri and Gazipur. Drones and other surveillance methods are being used to keep an eye on the protest so that one night the CRPF and BSF jawans are going to attacked the men and arrest them which will stop the ongoing protest. He further adds that during this mid night operation a curfew is going to be implemented in Punjab and Haryana to break the unity among the people.

The caption on the post mentions that

 “This video shows the reality of government who is preparing to carry out an operation against the Singhu Border against the kisaan Andolan, and how much they have planned to crush the Kisan Dharna. Note: Please share this video for Kisan Veeran”

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Fact Check-

Fact Crescendo found that no such paramilitary force has been deployed to arrest the farmers protesting against the new Farmer Bill 2020.

We started our investigation by running a keyword search on Google to find relevant news reports but we were not able to find any credible media report. The statement given by Babbar holds no credibility. He does not mention the actual source of information.

Fact Crescendo contacted the Ministry of Home Affairs who confirmed to us that the viral video on social media is Fake and holds no facts.

They also provided us with the clarification given the official Twitter handle of PIB Fact Check. According to the tweet it clearly mentioned that 

“It is being claimed in a video that the Government will deploy Paramilitary Forces at Singhu Border to carry out a major operation and will impose curfew in Punjab and Haryana . PIBFactCheck: The claims made in the video are FAKE,”

The tweet also carries a screenshot of the viral video.

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Conclusion- Fact Crescendo found the viral post on social media to be False. The viral video claiming that there is going to be a mid night operation on the protesting farmers by the CRPF and BSF jawans is Fake.


Title:The Govt is not planning any mid-night operation against the farmers on protest

Fact Check By: Aavya Ray 

Result: False