Did Amul release ‘Not Masoom anymore’ cartoon on Urmila Matondkar recently?

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After Kangana Ranaut’s objectionable remark on Urmila Matondkar, social media is abuzz with opinions on the issue. Kangana called Urmila a ‘soft porn star’ in a recent TV interview.

After Kangana’s interview, a cartoon apparently issued by Amul in which Urmila Matondkar can be seen in a red dress in a sensuous pose captioned as “Not MASOOM anymore?” is going viral. 

Fact Crescendo found out that this controversial cartoon was made in 1995. 

What’s the Claim?

Original Tweet | Archive

As Amul is known for its timely cartoons, many people believed that the brand made this cartoon recently. 

Some even called out Amul for their misogynist approach to the recent controversy.


Amul always shares the latest cartoons on their social media accounts. But we did not find the viral “Not MASOOM anymore?” cartoon there. 

Furthermore, we found film director Ram Gopal had tweeted the same cartoon on 11th September. “Amul hoarding after RANGEELA released,” mentioned his tweet. 


Taking a clue from it, we searched through the archive of cartoons done by Amul over the years. There we found the original cartoon under Amul Hits of 1995. 

As a child artist, Urmila Matondkar had worked in a film called Massom (1983). As an adult, she did a super hit film Rangeela in 1995 in which her bold role had garnered eyeballs at the time. 

Amul came up with this cartoon with a mischievous wordplay. You can see the below screenshot.

Amul Archive

It is also important to mention here that many users pointed out and criticized Amul for their many misogynistic cartoons in the old days. 

“This was a Famous Hoarding of Amul in 1995 when Rangeela released. Like in 1994, it was on Raveena with – Tu Cheez badi hai Maska Mast, 1993, it was on Madhuri with – Roti Ke Neeche Kya Hai? This has nothing to do with any Current Controversy,” said one user.


Hence, it is clear that the controversial ‘Not MASOOM anymore?’ cartoon is not recently made. It was issued back in 1995.


Title:Did Amul release ‘Not Masoom anymore’ cartoon on Urmila Matondkar recently? ?

Fact Check By: Mayur Deokar 

Result: False