The Claim that Nagpur Medical hospital deliberately did a post mortem on a man who was alive with the intention to remove his kidneys is Fake.

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Many wrong and misleading news related to organ trafficking of patients admitted in hospitals due to the Corona epidemic has been gaining traction on social forums. One such video is currently doing the rounds on social media, through the video it is being claimed that the medical hospital of Nagpur, conducted a postmortem on a man who was still alive man and removed his kidneys. In the video, a person is seen lying on a hospital bed surrounded by people who seeming appear to be angry. The title of the viral video reads, “Nagpur’s medical hospital declares fake death from Corona, but in reality, did the post mortem of a living man. Kidney etc was removed from the body. Be careful India”

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Initially, we conducted a reverse image search using the Invid Tool to check the authenticity of the above video and claim. As a result, we found a tweet by ANI News Institute which stated that this video is from Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. This tweet which is originally written in English, states that:

#WATCH Mumbai: Relatives of a patient, who died at Cooper Hospital in Mumbai where he was admitted for treatment, create ruckus at the hospital. His family alleges that he was administered an injection after which he died. (Note: Abusive language) (19.07.2020)”

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He was bleeding from the mouth & was immediately given primary aid. Symptoms of pneumonia were seen. Symptoms of pneumonia & COVID are similar; cause of death was registered as pneumonia & suspected COVID. As per ICMR protocol his body was handed over to the Police but his family got agitated: BMC

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Hospital management did what was prescribed under ICMR guidelines & patient was immediately admitted and was given the required treatment. So this is not true that there was some carelessness by the hospital. Allegations on Hospital and Municipal authorities are unfortunate: BMC

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According to the BMC, the incident took place on 19th July 2020

When Fact Crescendo contacted P.R.O Tanaji H. Kamble of B.M.C, he confirmed that the video is from Cooper Hospital in Mumbai and the family members created a ruckus when the patient died at the hospital.

A detailed explanation issued by BMC regarding this episode was sent to us by Tanaji H. Kamble

According to the statement,

“After the death of a young man at Dr RN Cooper Municipal Hospital in Vile Parle, Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation, an audio-visual video was being circulated on social media about doctors and hospital administrations by relatives. In this regard, the following sequence of events is being disclosed by the hospital administration. A 30-year-old man was brought to Cooper Hospital on Sunday, July 19, 2020, at around 10 pm for treatment. At the time of recruitment, a health complaint was filed by his relatives that blood was coming out of his mouth. The senior medical officer present at the hospital immediately examined the patient and started treatment after X-ray examination. However, the patient died at around 11.15 am, shortly after his death.

X-ray testing and medical examination revealed that the patient was suffering from severe pneumonia. Some of the Covid-19 virus infection samples are similar to pneumonia samples.  Also, considering the guidelines regarding Covid-19, the cause of the patient’s death was stated as Covid-19 with acute pneumonia. The family demanded that the patient’s body be taken home for burial. The relatives of the deceased patient expressed outrage and blamed the hospital administration for falsely explaining the cause of death and not allowing the body to be taken home. The body was handed over to the police as per the rule of the hospital. It has been clarified once again that all medical procedures (medical protocols) are followed as per instructions given from time to time by various competent authorities including the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Central and State Governments regarding Covid 19 infection. It is also strictly observed while registering the cause of death. “

After this, we contacted Sr. P.I. Pandharinath Wavhal, of Juhu Police Station, he also gave us the complete details of the whole case and said,

 “This happened one-and-a-half months ago, the viral claim on this subject is absolutely wrong. BMC has also issued a letter on this incident. The patient was hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms. The family of the deceased person was insisting on taking his body home. The family created an uproar in the hospital as the patient died shortly after being admitted to the hospital and the families were blaming the negligence of the doctors. “He also said, “In the police station there is no complaint nor any FIR that has been lodged.”

We contacted Dr. Pinakin B. Gujjar, Dean of Cooper Hospital. He told us that the incident shown in the video is from Cooper Hospital. Soon after this incident he gave a detailed account of this incident to the BMC and after that the BMC also issued a clarification letter. He completely rejected the claim being made viral on social media and said that, “The viral video is from Cooper Hospital but the claim of the post mortem of an alive person and organ trafficking is absolutely false.”

Since the above claim was associated with Nagpur on social forums,we spoke to Dr. Sajal Mitra, Dean of Nagpur Medical Hospital in this regard. He told us “The claim being made with the video is absolutely false; this video has no relation with Nagpur”.

Conclusion: We found the above claim False after fact-checking. The viral video is not from Nagpur Medical Hospital but is from Cooper Hospital in Mumbai and the claim being made with the video is completely untrue.


Title:The Claim that Nagpur Medical hospital deliberately did a post mortem on a man who was alive with the intention to remove his kidneys is Fake.

Fact Check By: Ruchika M 

Result: False