Was a child abducting gang caught on NH 11 in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

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On 19th August 2019, a user named Ashok Gupta shared a post on Facebook. Four photos have been shared in this post. In these pictures,the crowd is seen surrounding the car. In one picture, a person appears in the costume of a sage. The same person can be seen in another picture sitting in a car. In the picture, people can be seen standing close to a warehouse at a roadside. and in the fourth picture, four kids can be seen in a car’s boot. 

The description of the post says, 

Gang caught while taking the children away with them on NH11 near Prem Nagar flyover bucket factory in Jaipur. Alert Jaipur

In this post it is being claimed that some people were caught running away in car in Jaipur city of Rajasthan after abducting children. These days many unconnected videos and pictures are being shared on social media claiming to be a child abducting gang. So let us know the truth of these pictures and claims.

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First we did Reverse Image Search of these pictures. We did not get any substantial results for the search of the pictures of a person dressed in a sage like costume and the person sitting in a car. After this, we conducted a Reverse Image Search of the remaining two pictures. You can see below the results that we got when we searched for the crowd picture.

From this result we found a video broadcasted by Punjab Kesri on 14th August 2019. Two pictures were also shared with the above post. It has been said in the news that a family was returning from Haridwar after performing some rituals. When their car stopped at a traffic signal at Ladwa in Kurukshetra, people noticed children sitting in the car’s boot and suspected the family to be a gang of  child abductors. They were taken to the police station. The police interrogated and let everyone go.

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Through this research, we found a news article on a news website panipatlive.com published on 13th August 2019. In this news it as mentioned “as expressed by Punjab Kesri”

Read full story here – panipatlive.com| ARCHIVE NEWS

After this, we did a Reverse Image Search of the picture of the children sitting in the car’s boot. As a result we found an article published by a news website circle.page on 14th August, 2019. It has been said in this news that people suspected that this family of being a gang of child abductors and handed over them to the police.  They had to suffer a lot and children were also scared.

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From this research we got to know that the above mentioned incident is not from Jaipur but of Ladwa located in Kuruksherta  district of Haryana state. After knowing this, we contacted Ladwa police station in the afternoon of 24th August, 2019.  SHO Om Prakash of the police station told us that Surrendra Kumar and Sunil of Sahalpur village of district Hisar were going back to the village along with their family on tuesday after performing some rituals in Haridwar . They made the children of the family sit in the car’s boot. The car’s boot was not locked. Wherever the car used to slow down or stop, the children used to open the car’s boot. When the car reached Indri Chowk in Ladwa in the morning, it got stuck in traffic. During this time, the children again lifted open the car’s boot. Seeing the children sitting in the boot, the passerby suspected them of being a gang of child abductors and raised an alarm. After this was brought to the notice of Ladwa police station, the police interrogated the family and looked at their identity cards and let them go after the police was satisfied.  This child abduction gang is a pure rumor.

The result of the investigation: It is clear from our research that with the photographs shared in the above post, the claim was made, “children abducted from Prem Nagar flyover Bucket Factory in Jaipur NH 11’ is sheer wrong. The incident is not from Jaipur city of Rajasthan, but from Kuruksherta in Haryana. The children sitting in the car boot were part of the same family that was returning from Haridwar. 

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  3. These people have been beaten up on the suspicion of being child abductors.

Title:Was a child abducting gang caught on NH 11 in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

Fact Check By: Ruchika M 

Result: False