Fact Check: News about man who battered his wife’s feet with a baseball bat after mistaking her snake print stockings for real snake is false.

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While surfing online, we come across several bizarre news about incidents happening around the world. Most of the times these fascinating incidents turn out to be true but not every time what we read, is reality. Sometimes these news are a result of misunderstanding by the publisher. For example, a prank believed to be true gets published and then is widely circulated on the internet. Most of the people don’t realize that what they are reading might turn out to be fake. Some make the mistake of sharing such articles. We have found one such article that seems hilarious and weird both at the same time. The post is about a woman who wore snake print stockings that lead to a painful experience for her. Let’s check out the narrative being spread on social media.

Narrative on social media

A post in Malayalam claimed that a woman was beaten by her husband who mistook her legs as snake because of the snake print leggings she was wearing. The post was published on 13th June 2019 by a Malayalam Facebook page called Tripunithura. The post contains two images one of a woman wearing stockings with snake prints and other of a leg that is heavily bandaged.

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The text in Malayalam reads as follows: “Wife slept at night wearing snake printed pants…When the blanket moved at night and her legs were exposed, her husband hit her legs thinking that it is a real snake.” The narrative is painfully hilarious that a husband broke her wife’s legs because she was wearing a pair of stockings that resembled a snake. Since it is being shared extensively on social media, it is necessary to find out whether such an incident has occurred in real or it is just a social media hoax.

Our Fact Check

We searched on Google for news related to this incident and in the results we found a lot of news articles published in different languages by multiple websites all with a narrative similar to the post we are investigating. We found news articles that have reported this incident in brief. The screenshots of the articles published in different languages by different websites are given below along with the links.

Amar UjalaArchived Link
LatestlyArchived Link
Zee NewsArchived Link
PatrikaArchived Link

All the articles have shared the same set of images and have a similar claim. The report by Latestly mentions that the post was first published by a Facebook page called Pakistani Community in Australia. But the Facebook post embedded in the article is unavailable at the moment. The article mentions that the incident took place in Melbourne Australia where the husband mistook his wife’s stockings as real snake and battered it with a baseball bat.

We used Yandex reverse image search to investigate the images used in the articles and social media posts. When we searched the first image on Yandex, we found out that the image existed on social media even before the article was published by Latestly which seems to be the oldest of the lot we found in our internet search. The article was published on 26th December 2018, whereas in our reverse image search we found the following tweet in Japanese language which was tweeted on 16th December 2018.

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From the English translation of the above Japanese tweet provided by Twitter, it is clear that nothing regarding the incident mentioned in the post is related with the image. The tweet is simply describing the stockings.

However, we cannot ascertain whether this story is true as the article is based on a Facebook page and till we find out when the original post was posted nothing can be said about the image. In our results we found out that these images were being used by e-commerce websites like Amazon which are selling these kind of snake print stockings. You can check out the similar stockings listed on Amazon by clicking here. During our search we found out several Fact Check reports regarding the viral post. One such Fact Check report published by AFP had the archived link of the original post by Facebook page Pakistani Community in Australia. The screenshot of the post is given below:

As you can see in the above screenshot it can be clearly seen that the Facebook post was published on 24th December 2018, that is after the Japanese tweet which we found in our reverse image search. Also it was found out that the other image was actually taken from a WordPress blog in Vietnamese language. The title of the headline translates to “Internship 2014” and subheading translates to “Learning to sew wounds, casting.” This article was published in 2016, so it is certain that this image has got nothing to do with the claim made by our post.

Vietnamese Blog WordPressArchived Link

You can read the Fact checks published by other fact checking websites by clicking the links given below. These websites have also found this claim to be false.

SnopesArchived Link
AFPArchived Link
Hoax or FactArchived Link


The claim that a husband battered his wife’s legs after mistaking her snake print leggings to be an actual snake is false. The images used in the post are nowhere related to the story. The story was first published by a Facebook page who have now deleted the post.


Title:Fact Check: News about man who battered his wife’s feet with a baseball bat after mistaking her snake print stockings for real snake is false

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: False