Don’t Get Fooled by Pencil Packing Work-from-Home Opportunities for Nataraj Pencils! Find out the facts…

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When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, remote work surged in popularity as a necessity for safety. Even as the pandemic recedes, the prevalence of work-from-home opportunities persists, thanks to advancing technology. 

However, amidst this landscape, there’s a proliferation of misleading and fraudulent postings masquerading as legitimate work-from-home jobs. This trend underscores the importance of cautious discernment and thorough research before pursuing such opportunities.

Social Media Posts 

The claim of a purported work-from-home opportunity involving packaging pencils for Natraj company has been circulating on social media circles for several years, especially in Tamil and English.

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Some posts are shared as video posts also and claim that Natraj Pencil company is offering a work-from-home opportunity with a monthly salary of ₹30,000. They say you need to pack 10,000 pencils upfront in advance. The job involves packing pencils, and items will be delivered to your home. They claim it’s suitable for both uneducated and educated individuals, including women, and mention a WhatsApp number for contact.

Many people believed this claim to be valid and shared it with others.

Fact Check

We decided to investigate the claim about Natraj Pencil offering work-from-home opportunities. Initially, we checked Natraj Pencil’s website. Natraj pencils are manufactured by a company called Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd. On their website, we came across a warning pop-up video. In this video, they clarified that the information circulating on social media about job offers from Natraj Pencil is false. I Archived  

They explained that Natraj pencils are produced, packaged, and distributed using fully automated processes, eliminating the need for manual packing at home. 

Even using the below corporate video of Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd., it’s evident that their packaging process is automated; hence, there is no requirement for the packaging process to be outsourced.

Hindustan Pencils also cautioned customers against falling victim to money scams spread through fake job offers. This warning was reiterated in a post on their official YouTube page. YouTube Video Link

Therefore, we can confirm that the claim of pencil packing work from home at Natraj is indeed fake. 

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Our investigation revealed that the claim of Natraj Pencil’s claim offering work-from-home opportunities for packing pencils is totally false. The company clarified through its website and official YouTube page that it does not engage in such practices, as its production and packaging processes are fully automated. 

We advise readers to be cautious of fake job offers circulating on social media and rely on credible information sources.


Title:Don’t Get Fooled by Pencil Packing Work-from-Home Opportunities for Nataraj Pencils! Find out the facts…

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo team 

Result: False

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