Unrelated Images Shared as Kerala State Board Textbooks Falsely Accusing Kerala Govt. of Brainwashing Children

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A few images showing pages of a textbook have been shared on social media platforms for the past few days. These images appear to be from a textbook for children, teaching them values and hygiene. The images feature characters with Hindu and Muslim names. X User, Mr. Sinha ( Modi’s family), shared these images and claimed that they are from a textbook published by the Kerala state education board. He alleged that the Communist government in Kerala is brainwashing the minds of children.

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However, when we did a fact-check on the post we found that the images shared by Mr. Sinha is not of a textbook published by Kerala state education board. Here’s the truth.

Fact Check

The Kerala State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education publishes textbooks in English, Malayalam, Kannada, and Tamil. All the textbooks can be downloaded from the Kerala government’s ‘Samagra’ website.

Fact Crescendo contacted the office of Kerala’s Education Minister, V. Sivankutty, for more clarity on this issue. V. Sivankutty’s press secretary, Rajeev, told us, “The Kerala government has not published any such textbooks. This is fake propaganda being spread against the Kerala government on social media.

Following this, Kerala Education Minister V. Sivankutty put out a clarification on this post on his social media handles. His post on X reads as follows: “This book is not published by the Kerala Govt’s Education Dept. Merely another endeavor to incite animosity towards the state. Those acquainted with us understand the camaraderie & unity among Keralites. No room for hatred – precisely why communal agenda fails to take root here.

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From our investigation, it is clear that the Kerala Government’s Education Department has not published these textbooks. The Education Minister of Kerala has refuted the claim on his social media handles. All the books published by the Kerala state government are available online for public access.


Title:Unrelated Images Shared as Kerala State Board Textbooks Falsely Accusing Kerala Govt. of Brainwashing Children

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

Result: False