Did PM Modi say that he will produce gold from potatoes? Know the truth. 

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A video of Prime Minister Naredra Modi saying that he can produce gold from potatoes is going viral on social media. Users are claiming that Modi in his speech spoke about new policies for the production of potatoes and also production of gold from it. 

However, Fact Crescendo found the claim to be false. This is an edited video. In the real video PM Modi was speaking about Rahul Gandhi who had promised to produce gold from potatoes. 

What’s The Claim? 

Sharing the video, social media users are claiming that “See who had spoken about producing gold from potatoes. After this video, Rahul Gandhi said that producing gold from potatoes are not my words but Modi Ji’s”

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Fact Check- 

A relevant keyword search on Google led us to the same video uploaded on Bharatiya Janata Party’s official YouTube Channel in 2019. In this 2 minutes long video, PM Modi can be heard saying, “We have taken responsibility to make a cluster for potatoes. Just a few months ago, we made a major policy related to export of agricultural producers. With these new policies potatoes and potato products will be easy to export. Brothers and sisters, we don’t make such promises because of which people will be troubled. There are few people in our country, such brilliant and intelligent people who can produce gold from potatoes. We can’t do such things. Forgive us for that. I cannot make gold from potatoes neither can my party. So whoever wants to produce gold from potatoes they can go to those people. We cannot make such promises to you, nor can we fulfill these kinds of promises.

Below you can see the comparison between the viral and real video. 

From the above video, it is clear that PM Modi targeted Rahul Gandhi in his speech. He clearly said that he cannot make promises like producing gold from potatoes. 

Did Rahul Gandhi make such a statement?

After searching, we found a video on ABP News on 16 November 2017. In this video, Rahul Gandhi can be heard saying that Modi Ji had made the statement that he will make such a machine in which if you put potatoes on one side you will get gold from the other side.

From the above video, it is clear that Rahul Gandhi did not say that he can produce gold from the potatoes. 


Fact Crescendo found that the real video was edited to show PM Modi saying he can produce gold from potatoes. In the real video, PM Modi was targeting Rahul Gandhi.


Title:Did PM Modi say that he will produce gold from potatoes? Know the truth. 

Written By: Siddharth Sahu 

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