This video does not show Muslim girls forcing an elderly Hindu woman to wear a burqa ona bus

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The students of Government College in Kasargod, Kerala were arguing with a woman over a bus that did not stop for them. The incident has no communal angle.

A video of an argument between a group of burqa clad girls and an elderly woman while travelling in a private bus is going viral with a communal claim on  social media. Users claim that Muslim girls in Kerala targeted an elderly Hindu woman for entering a bus without wearing a burqa and forced her to wear it.

The caption of the video states, “Shocking video from Kerala- Muslim women force hindu women to cover their heads (Sharia compliant), wear Burqa while traveling in a Bus (public transport), video goes viral”.

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We observed the video carefully by listening to the dialogue and slang of the language in the scenes; it appears that it is from the Kasargod District of Kerala. We used this clue to search for more Kasargod; the bus conductor, Harish, told us that “the incident occurred on October 20 in a bus travelling on the Kumbla-Mulleria route. However, as explained in the text, the incident has no communal significance. From where there was no stop, the female students boarded the bus by showing their hands.” The girls became agitated when they were questioned if there was a stop sign just in front of them. That’s how the argument began. The students then used derogatory language. The woman’s age was not even considered. They said that the police will file a case against this. But it came to know that it has not been filed. But the propaganda that Muslim women force Hindu women to cover their heads and wear Burqa while travelling in a bus is completely false. Our bus is for passenger transportation. There will be men and women, belonging to different political parties and different religions. But to us, everyone is just the same passenger. Everyone who wants to travel is free to board our bus. No traveller can question it.

Further for more information, we contacted Kumbla Police Station of Kasargod. The station house officer explained this to our representative.”This incident has been brought to our attention. But no one has complained. There was no case taken. The students of Kannur University’s Khansa Women’s College were arguing with the woman on the bus. For a long time, students have complained that buses do not stop in front of the college. The children stopped the bus and boarded the bus. The students got angry when they came to the bus stop and asked if they were going to get on. The ensuing argument is seen in the footage. The event has no communal angle. It is false information.” 

Fact Crescendo has obtained footage from the beginning of the issue, you can watch it below.

A cutting of the newspaper article related to this can be seen. 

Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral video to be misleading. After forcibly stopping the bus, the burqa-clad students boarded it. When the old lady asked if they could board from the bus stop, the youngsters were enraged. This led to the argument. The bus staff and the police have clarified that the incident has no communal dimension.


Title:Video of a Muslim girl forcing an elderly Hindu woman to wear a burqa has no communal angle.

Written By: Usha Manoj 

Result: Misleading