This video does not show the fight between four wives of an Indian Muslim man

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This video shows a fight between few mothers of children studying in the Beddawi School in Tripoli, North Lebanon. Not from India.

Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has reignited the political debate following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks ahead of the elections in Madhya Pradesh. Prime Minister Modi said that India cannot run on two laws and that Uniform Civil Code was part of the Constitution.

In this context of PM Modi speaking about the Uniform Civil Code, a video of a few hijab-clad women fighting with each other is being shared on social media with a description that reads, ‘Long overdue meeting of Wife no.1, Wife no.2, Wife no.3, and Wife no.4! This is why Uniform Civil Code is required in India.’ 

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The post has gone viral and has been shared widely on Facebook.

Fact Check-

A simple reverse image search on Google using the key frames from the viral video led us to various news reports on this incident.

As per reports “A quarrel and a large fistfight broke out between a numbers of mothers inside the Beddawi School in Tripoli, North Lebanon, without knowing the reasons. Activists circulated on the media a video clip documenting the violent quarrel, which suddenly broke out between the mothers of the communities inside one of the school classes. However, what caused the most shock in the circulating video was the crying of the children in the hall, in addition to the participation of mothers in a fistfight while they were carrying their infants”.

 News reports mentioned that the video of them quarrelling with each other while carrying their babies spread like wildfire on social media in Lebanon and Arab countries.

What is Uniform Civil Code (UCC)?

UCC is the idea of having a common code of personal laws for people of all religions. Personal law includes aspects of inheritance, marriage, divorce, child custody, and alimony. However, currently, India’s personal laws are fairly complex and varied, with each religion following its own specific regulations.

From these evidences we can clearly understand that the video is from Lebanon and it does not show the fight between four wives of an Indian Muslim man. 


Fact Crescendo found the claim made along with the viral video to be False. The video shows a fight between women in a school in Lebanon, not from India.


Title:This video does not show the fight between four wives of an Indian Muslim man

Written By: Usha Manoj 

Result: False