Akshay Kumar has not condemned former Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s arrest

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Viral video has been digitally altered to add the audio of Akshay Kumar condemning the arrest of Imran Khan.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested on corruption charges on 9 May, 2023. Following his arrest, there were widespread protests, and social media saw an increase in misleading photos, videos, and narratives. Amidst this, we came across a video of actor Akshay Kumar saying he supports Khan and urging people to stand with him. In the 13 seconds-long video also had the Pakistan flag, Imran Khan’s portrait, and text reading “Free Imran Khan” overlaid on it. 


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The same video has gone viral on Facebook also.

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Fact Check-

We investigated viral videos and found the video and the audio were out of sync. Through a keyword search, we were able to find the original video on the YouTube channel of the fitness company called GOQii. The original video was published on 22 November, 2019, and is titled “Akshay Kumar Talks About the GOQii Vital ECG and Heart Health.”  In the video, Akshay Kumar can be heard saying that he is the company’s brand ambassador. He can seen endorsing the ECG device of the company.


In further search we found a fan page of the actor had also posted the original video on Twitter on 22 November, 2019. 


A comparison between the keyframes of both the video proved that that the viral one has been digitally altered to add Akshay Kumar’s audio about Imran Khan’s arrest.

Meanwhile, we checked whether Akshay Kumar made any remarks on Imran Khan’s arrest. There are no reports or evidence to indicate the actor made any statement on the arrest.


Fact Crescendo discovered that the viral video had been Altered. Akshay Kumar’s 2019 video has been digitally modified and falsely connected to claim he is speaking out against Imran Khan’s arrest.


Title:Akshay Kumar has not condemned former Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s arrest

Fact Check By: Usha Manoj 

Result: Altered