2015 Image Shared As Litter Left After Greta Thunberg’s Speech In 2022 Glastonbury Festival

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An image of the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury festival is going viral on social media. The image shows the area surrounding the pyramid stage filled with litter. Some Twitter users claim that this was after Swedish activist Greta Thunberg delivered her speech at the festival. 

However, we found out that though the image is from Glastonbury festival, it is not of the recent festival. The image was taken in 2015, while Greta Thunberg delivered her speech this year. Here are some of the tweets that shared the image and claimed that this was after Thunberg’s speech.

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We searched the viral image using reverse image search and found that the image is actually old and not recent. The image was taken during the Glastonbury festival in 2015. We found a Daily Mail UK article dated 29 June 2015. The article talks about the huge amount of litter generated during the festival. The article also talks about how 800 volunteers are helping clean the litter spread across 900 acres of farmlands in Pilton, Somerset in England.

Read the full article here – Daily Mail UK | Archived Link

The photo has been credited to photographer David Hedges from SWNS.com. Reuters contacted the photographer who confirmed that this is an old photo taken by him. The pyramid stage in the viral image is also different from the stage used in the recent festival.

Read the article here – Marca

You can see the comparison between the pyramid stages used in 2015 and 2022 given below. The 2015 stage has a peace sign and wings made on top of it whereas the 2022 one has a globe.

Greta Thunberg had delivered a speech at Glastonbury festival 2022. Speaking from the Pyramid stage, she said, “The biosphere is not just changing, it is destabilizing, it is breaking down,” and also stressed further that the “consequences could be catastrophic“.

She also blamed global leaders for inaction on issues related to climate change. She alleged that world leaders have created loopholes and failed to implement any solid solution to the problem. You can read more about Greta Thunberg’s speech by reading this article published by Sky News.

However, there was a massive amount of litter spread across the venue of the annual music festival. This has become regular. Every year people throng to this festival in large numbers and leave behind a massive trail of trash. This year was no different and you can see below a report by The Independent showing volunteers collecting the litter left by the people who attended the Glastonbury music festival this year.


From our investigation, it is clear that the image of litter around the Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury festival is from 2015. Greta Thunberg delivered a speech on environmental issues at this year’s festival. Thus, the image has no relation to Ms. Thunberg’s recent speech. However, it is true that massive amount of rubbish is littered at the venue of this festival every year. This year was also not any different.


Title:2015 Image Shared As Litter Left After Greta Thunberg’s Speech In 2022 Glastonbury Festival

Fact Check By: Harish Nair 

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