No, a Mob Did Not Thrash the Police in Beed, Maharashtra in Protest Against the Lockdown

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A video clip showing a mob raining blows on a police officer is doing rounds on social media with a claim that it is from Beed district of Maharashtra. The viral message accompanying this video states that the incident took place when people in Beed vehemently opposed the lockdown imposed in the district. 

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We found out that the viral claim is false. The video is not from Maharashtra.


A 22-second clip shows a police officer mercilessly beaten by an enraged mob. The caption along with it reads – “It was bound to happen one day. Do watch this video from Beed where people opposed lockdown. The people of Maharashtra has taken to the streets to protest against the lockdown.” (Translated from Hindi)

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It is true that the Beed District Collector had announced a complete lockdown in the district from March 26 to April 4 in wake of a massive rise in COVID-19 cases. Few local political parties and businessmen had also protested against it. However, we need to determine the location of the viral video. 

The same video is also shared on Twitter as well.



Using Google keyword search, we came across several news reports pointing to the fact that the video of a mob attacking the police officer is actually from Karnataka. 

Sahil Online TV News portal’s YouTube account had reported that the incident took place in Mysuru (Mysore) city on 22 March. 

‘Enraged over the death of a civil engineer, a mob went on a rampage, damaging a police van and attacking the three traffic police officers,’ reports the Sahil Online TV News.

As per the local media reports, the 47-year-old civil engineer was speeding on his bike when the police officers checking vehicles tried to stop him.

According to The News Minute and Mysuru Today, the rider Devaraj and pillion rider Suresh fell near the police check-post on Mysuru’s Ring Road, causing Devaraj to die on the spot. The mob alleged that the two skidded while trying to avoid the police officers.

The Mysuru traffic police have clarified that the accident occurred after the bike collided with a lorry. A complaint has been registered against the driver of the lorry under Section 304A. 

Later, the injured pillion rider Suresh issued a video statement clarifying that the police is not at fault in this incident. Their bike slipped over dirt and sand lying on the road and collided with the truck.

Fact Crescendo contacted the Mysuru Superintendent of Police C. B. Rishyanth who confirmed to us that the incident is indeed from Mysuru city. 


Hence, it is clear that the viral video is from Mysuru, Karnataka and it occurred due to the death of a bike rider for which the mob assumed police officers were responsible. This video is not from Beed, Maharashtra nor were the people in the video opposing the lockdown.


Title:No, a Mob Did Not Thrash the Police in Beed, Maharashtra in Protest Against the Lockdown

Fact Check By: Mayur Deokar 

Result: False